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Week 1 Done!!!

Posted Jan 08 2010 12:41pm

I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first? Don't you hate that question? I mean really hate it?

Good news: We finished week 1 of term 1. As in all the work. Go ahead and sit down. That has never happened in the history of the Rogers Academy (makes our little homeschool sound fancy, schmanzy doesn't it lol). NEVER!!!!!!! Nothing like starting off a new year right!

Bad news: There are no pictures of all our cool projects. Yup, I own an expensive fancy camera but my big memory card is shot. My husband would not give up his big memory card for his PSP so that I could take pictures. He is obviously not a scrapbooker. So, my little one that only takes like 12 pictures was full of awesome pics of one of my close friends beautiful new baby. So, you get to see pics of Selah but not our Olympus Mons project. Oh well, at least you can ooooh and aaaaah over the sweetest little thing that I have ever seen!

Back to our week. I am so excited that I think I will bust for sure!

Bible: We wrapped up Exodus and started reading Leviticus. We also made our poster board for our theme for 2010. You have to wait until Sunday's post for that reveal. This is our together Bible time.

Each child worked in their Awana books for their individual Bible assignments. Logan has also begun the 90 Day Challenge. We restarted our Bible memorization cards where we left off last year.

History- Logan is so excited that we finally got to Ancient Greece. We listened to our Story of the World chapter . We also went over our review cards for previous chapters. I checked out several books from the library on Ancient Greek Gods and myths. Logan will do these as independent reading and I will do some read a loud with Madison of them.

Science- We learned about Mars and Space Rocks. Logan read a biography of Edmund Halley. We did a great hands on lesson by building Olympus Mons after doing Mars. Logan also read The Librarian who Measured the Earth by Kathryn Lasky about the Greek librarian named Eratosthenes. I read it aloud with Madison.

Narration- We continue with the Horse and his Boy by CS Lewis. Logan gave me 3 sentences and drew pictures for the words he didn't know how to spell. Pretty good for a kid who hates writing or drawing. Madison gave her oral narration and did the best job she has ever done. I personally find this book boring but the children seem to be enjoying it. I was delighted to see that the library carries the other Narnia books on cd. Woohoo!

Handicraft- We cut out the first blanket for our no sew blankets for hospice. The wonderful woman that helps me on Wednesday evenings in Mission Friends has worked for hospice for many years (aka decades upon decades). I got the idea but instead of sending them to her, I am going to donate them locally.

Music- We began to learn about Mozart. I found some really great notebook pages that we are beginning to do. We also got some cute books from the library.

Art- We began Dali. Our local Dali museum has some great lesson plans so we are following some of them in anticipation of a visit soon. So far, we have looked at one of the paintings and narrated it.

Nature and PE- These were cancelled because it has been too cold. Yeah, here in Florida. too cold. Go figure.

Spanish- We learned the colors. I got a cute book from the library that has 100 words in it and their translations. Logan learned that Ms. Rosa at therapy is named after the Spanish word for pink. He can't wait to call her Ms. Pink next week.

Typing- We are still using Spongebob typing much to each child's chagrin. As soon as Dad finds the Mavis Beacon program then we will switch.

Field Trips/Service Projects- These go together this week because we brought dinner to our friends , The Coles , and their beautiful new baby, Selah. Lots of fun was had playing with the other Cole children and cooing over the baby. We are blessed beyond measure.

Visit Kris over at for more Weekly Wrap Ups!
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