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We will support your foundations

Posted Aug 23 2010 12:24am

I read a terrible, terrifying blog post post yesterday from Kim Stagliano on the Huffington Post. In it she describes how her daughter has suffered abuse at the hands of a support worker. The story is also coverered by the Connecticut Times .

Police said the girl’s parents were trying to figure out how their non-verbal daughter kept getting bruises and sprained fingers on her right hand when on May 19 they received a call from the nurse at Frenchtown Elementary School that their daughter had arrived at school that morning crying hysterically. The parents then demanded to see the video from their daughter’s school bus.

That video, which also had audio, showed Davila grabbing the girl’s hands and the girl then crying out in pain.

Police said they then obtained DVD copies of the bus videos for April 27, April 29 and May 19. On the 27th and the 19th the driver of the bus was Davila’s mother.

Police said the April 27 video shows Davila, during the bus ride from the school to the girl’s home, putting her hands in the area of the girl’s hands. With each movement the girl’s cries get louder, police said.

This is one of my darkest fears. That my non-verbal daughter or my step-daughter, both autistic, should suffer abuse and not have the language skills to communicate their ordeal. Or even if they did have language skills that they were too terrified to speak out.

On this issue we – the whole autism community can easily stand as one. Whats happened to Kim Stagliano’s daughter is beyond appalling. She writes on the HuffPo of shaking the foundations of those who have hurt, or allowed to hurt, her daughter. I fully agree with her statement and as the title of this blog post implies, I will support her foundations in whatever way I can.

  1. Adelaide:
    That is indeed a big fear. Thank you, Left Brain/Right Brain.
  2. kabie:
    It is awful. This man must have known that there was cctv and he didn't care if he was filmed, or perhaps thought that no-one would care enough to do anything about it. I feel that abusers like this continue because of the general feeling in the wider community and attitudes to those that they abuse. Disabled people are generally treated as lower class citizens who don't have the same human rights as others and this is a symptom of that. Look at the way that the cost of autistic people in £ or $ per head is often cited as being a reason to eradicate us; this is the sort of abuse that arises out of that : being told that we are a bunch of subhuman "useless eaters" doesn't instill a sense of professionalism or a feeling of the need for equality when we need support from others. Even in the proposal for the new Autism (Scotland) bill NAS bang on about how expensive we are; there's a price on all of our heads.
  3. lilandtedsmum:
    This is the kind of thing that haunts me. All children are vulnerable but our children even more so. When we send our children to school we are trusting others to nurture and care for our most prized posessions. This abuse of that trust is disgraceful and I can only begin to imagine how Kim and other parents in her position must feel.
  4. Julian Frost:
    This is terrible. If this is true I hope the "caregiver" is convicted of assault and banned from working with any vulnerable individuals.
  5. BTDT:
    "This was not Davila's first brush with the law. In April she was arrested and charged with sixth-degree larceny after police said she was stopped pushing a carriage loaded with more than $400 in merchandise out of the Target store in Trumbull without paying for it." Why was this person allowed anywhere near a bus for children with special needs?

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