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Warrior Granny Indeed

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:21pm

Remember me telling you guys about my brother’s wife being preggers?  How could you forget, right?  I mean, I was completely over the moon that day. But not because my brother’s wife was pregnant, no… I had known that for months.  And not to imply I wasn’t thrilled about the baby, I was/am.

No, I was over the moon that day because of my, now infamous, David Kirby’s Latest Horror Story post, which lead to my David Kirby Day!, a day that is now etched in my mind forever.  And yes Kim, I still get light headed when I think about it.  Pretty dorky huh?

Anyway, so the months have passed and my cutie-patootie sister-in-law has finally popped the pup!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am thrilled to announce the birth of my niece, Ryan Elison.  Born Monday, November 10, 2008.  9:45 p.m.  7lb. 4oz./20.5 inches long.  She is a beautiful girl… see for yourselves:

You may remember my brother expressing interest in SAFELY vaccinating his baby.  Well, he jumped in and did a ton of research (even read Dr. Sears’ book!) and came up with a plan, which he presented to his baby’s  soon-to-be pediatrician in a well written and completely awesome letter.  I am thrilled to report the pediatrician agreed to help my brother and his wife follow a safe vaccine schedule.

This SAFE schedule includes the exclusion of the Hep-B vaccine, given to newborns during their stay at the hospital.  Because he had done his research, my brother knew he needed to keep an eye on his baby every minute.  (I’m visualizing Nurse Ratched hiding behind a door, vaccine in hand, waiting for someone to leave the baby unattended… scary).

Once Ryan made her debut, my brother realized he had to make a choice between being with the baby and being with his wife (who had just had a c-section).  He then turned to my mother and asked her if she would stay with his baby girl.  He asked that she not leave the baby’s side.  Not for one minute.

Being the Warrior Granny she is, my mother took her job to heart.  And knowing exactly WHY she was given this duty, stood guard over her beautiful little granddaughter like a brave sentinel.  She stood, and she stood some more.  She never left that baby’s side, even for a second.  Several hours later she was still standing guard.  She had given all of the vultures the “Back off bitches!” look.  I guess it worked.

So Granny, God bless you!  You’ve been such a wonderful Grandmother to all of your children, sometimes sacrificing your own wants and needs to give to them (which includes helping us pay for biomedical interventions for the past three years).  You’ve done more than most would ever consider, and given more than most could.

Monday night you gave your granddaughter something better than any toy or treat on the planet.  You gave her more than kind words and a loving embrace.  You gave her a chance to have a full, happy, and healthy life.  A life that is now one step closer to never being torn apart by autism.

Ryan Elison, you have a wonderful Warrior Daddy, for learning how to keep you safe; and the best Warrior Granny, for standing up to the vaccine bullies.

Welcome to the world beautiful girl!

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