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Wade: for the Miami heat are willing to give up privileges I is still the best just different role

Posted Mar 13 2013 7:12am
21.8 points, 5 rebounds and 4.9 assists, Nike Air Max 2012 Mens 1.8 steals, and shooting 52.3% set a career high. Though he is the so-called two take charge, PER efficiency value is just behind the lebron James, Kevin durant (microblogging) and Paul. The first half of the season after offseason knee surgery wade status is not satisfactory, once encounter Nike Air Max 2012 Womens to press a lot of criticism and questioned, but he has repeatedly said he until the all-star weekend near can be fully estored to health. Indeed as expected with the deepening of the season, wade's status is getting better and better, to prove his own strength. "I want to understand this, as long as you healthy, I am one of the best players in the league," wade said. "but my role is different now." This is wade's choice, personal Nike Air Max 2010 gains than scoring title, he prefers to help his team win the league. His basketball career has been in today to get sublimation, although it's difficult to get rid of the shadow lebron, he still is and (microblogging) - kobe Bryant and James harden the same level of top point guard. "You have to figure out what they want, what make you more enjoyable." Wade said, "for me, I just want to be successful in life. When I was injured, there is reason to dissatisfied with my performance. But when I am healthy, nothing worthy of blame." (the panda) occasionally express nostalgia, but we are sure that he won't Nike Air Max 2010 Mens give up for his original choice absolute leadership for lebron James and Chris bosh (microblogging) and regrets. Now wade, content to be assistant of James, but he is not only a role player. "There is no effort, it is a good actor can't win an Oscar." Wade said after the win over the pacers on Monday, "lebron doesn't have to get 30 points every night, because we are a team, we don't need who burden, a burden to 20 to 30 times a day." Wade once so. 2008-09 Nike Air Max 2010 Womens season, he averaged 22 shots cut down 30.2 points, but in that year the heat eventually won more than 50% winning only one game. Wade though reducing now, but he has won the championship ring last season and the league this season's longest winning streak. Moreover, WeiDeZheng become more efficient. This season, he averaged
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