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W/O April 8th: in which we play the part of languid invalids with a martyred air

Posted Apr 09 2010 8:19pm
 All the days of this week has run together but I do want to record it so I remember

The weather is TEXTBOOK gorgeous

Sunny Skies day after day!

The South is in its full glory with the trees heavy with peach blossom and dogwood

But my home is full of mailaise and discontent

DH and I are sick

I clean to soothe myself - as it gives me a sense of control - organise all of  R's books by size and age range

-( any wonder why Autistic people feel soothed by lining things up? )


We are not at our best when sick.

Our conversation  detereiorates


"This part of my head feels extra heavy now "

"I could not sleep at all last night"

"The Antibiotics are making my tummy hurt

"Ugggggh I am so tired "


Other random things break
  1. Our bed
  2. R's glasses break -both of his glasses - as he has been rubbing his eyes endlessly with all the allergies
  3. Our garage door

Does it happen to you where one anoying event follows another ?

Sometimes I wonder if there is anything to this law of attraction nonsense!

By mid week I decide that we are going to act better - because for me - pretending  is frequently followed by the real things

Fake it till I make it !
Also I realise that my focus has really shifted

I am focussing on everything that annoys me not the things that make me happy

Like just how gorgeous it is !

It really is heavenly outside and I resume taking my walks

DH and I try to eat out at lunch on both Tuesday and Wednesday - even though we are weak and tired

Still its better than nothing

I also change the content of what I say  - instead of sharing the horrible-ness of how I am feeling - I start speaking with the use endearments again

Instantly I start to feel better

R is really starting to answer questions  really well that are close ended

"Do you want to go  from the front of the house or the back of the house?"

he will answer "Front of the house "

Really he learns language like an older person learning a foreign language .. but he is learning it !

One interesting thing I am noticing is that while he is always very polite - he really does try to always get his own way

His interest is in not getting caught

One crime is that he likes to sit on the computer table

Every time I see him committing this diabolical crime - I squeal in horror

R looks at me contritely

He says "Ooops ... sorry" ( I have to work really hard to not smile as its ADORABLE )

But then as soon as I walk away

There he is on the computer table again !

This is lovely

My MIL and SIL arrive for a visit

 R is excited to see family come to visit - this is such a change

The last time they came , he become extra stimmy and appeared stressed

They fawn over him and he fawns over them - this is fabulous because him Grandma and Aunt dote on him

My MIL is a workaholic - though I picked up and cleaned before they came - she immediately gets a broom and a pan and starts to scrub and dust

The house is sparkling

We go to his new Kindergarten Classroom - he will start in August

They have no special ed classes any more - so everyone is mainstreamed

The classroom size is alarming - the current classroom is 22 - I worry that R will simply be lost

I take some pics of the essays that are depicted outside - the outgoing class has proudly displayed these

R must know this by the end of the year

We want to make sure - we support the academics so he can focus on the Social - as Danette and her DH advised in their blog once

Work has been uber stressful and I am suffering from insomania again

My goal for the next week is to focus on the important stuff - get some sleep , be more productive ( especially in terms of floortime )  and worry less

It’s not the work which kills people, it’s the worry. It’s not the revolution that destroys machinery it’s the friction.”

~Henry Ward Beecher


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