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Posted by Lettie89

Chase Community Giving is going to give $1mil to each of the top 5 charities that have the most votes on facebook. Out of 100 charities, the National Autism Association is #7!!!!!! The voting ends tonight at 11:59pm. PLEASE EVERYONE WHO HAS A FACEBOOK, GO HERE AND VOTE! AND IF YOU DON'T HAVE A FACEBOOK, SIGN UP NOW SO YOU CAN VOTE!!!

This link will take you straight to the facebook page where you can vote.

I'm the mother of a adorable and funny 3 year old diagnosed with ASD. I've been there. Enough said. Do this for the silent ones, let's give them a voice.

This is the BIG IDEA for the National Autism Association, the issue, the plan, and the outcome, all explaing what the money is going to. This is from the facebook page so you can go see yourself.

The Issue

Autism is the #1 childhood disorder in the U.S. Once considered rare - affecting 1 in 10,000 children, autism rates have increased 600% in the last 20 years and jumped 57% in the last two years alone. Last month, the CDC reported that autism now affects 1 in 110 children, 1 in 70 boys. With such a sharp rise comes a staggering shortage of resources. Families are falling apart, many are losing their homes to pay for care that insurance won’t cover. Many individuals with autism suffer from severe gastrointestinal pain, seizures, food allergies, auto-immune disease, sleep disorders, and self-injurious behaviors. Wandering-related deaths have increased over the last ten years among children with autism. Abusive restraint and seclusion practices in schools are on the rise. Many children with autism are nonverbal and have become silent victims of abuse. Autism is a national health emergency in need of immediate resources, effective treatment, and answer-driven research.

The Plan

With one million dollars NAA will implement a three-by-three plan to significantly impact three most critical areas of need over the next three years:
1) Direct Assistance: We’ll begin immediately by providing real help, right now – giving direct financial assistance to families unable to afford treatment for their children. In addition, we will provide grants to local community agencies to protect those at risk of wandering-related death, and provide free resources for couples in need of marital support.
2) Education: We will produce workshops, toolkits and PSAs addressing the issues of abuse in schools and wandering. We will produce national conference events to educate clinicians and families on the latest advances in research and treatment.
3) Advocacy: We will advocate for meaningful scientific research, legislation to ensure access to appropriate medical care, lifetime care for adults with autism and laws to address the issue of abuse in our schools.

The Outcome

Our three-by-three plan addresses the following goals for the three most critical needs over the course of three years, with implementation beginning immediately:
1) Direct Assistance: Doubling the number of grants we are able to award to families in need of financial assistance for their children’s treatment and therapies. Significantly increasing access to lifesaving equipment for individuals at risk of wandering-related death.
2) Education: Production of conference workshops, multiple audio and video PSAs and free toolkits addressing the issues of abuse in schools, wandering, safety and family support. Hosting three national conference events to educate clinicians and families on the latest advances in research, treatment and prevention.
3) Advocacy: Successfully advocating for the most relevant scientific research, policies to ensure access to medical care, coverage for medical and safety devices, services and support over the life span, and protection from abuse.

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