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Very Quick Note About Self-Concept and Achievement

Posted Apr 07 2009 11:34pm
I was looking for something else entirely and I happened to come across an old paper titled "Self-Concept of Ability and School Achievement" (Brookover & Thomas, 1964.) I thought it was pertinent to the discussion around the BRAINHE study on neurodiversity and particularly Jake Crosby's contention that self-confidence does not have an effect on "real" success. His claim was counter-intuitive all in itself. This might also be of interest to Billy Cresp, who appears to believe intelligence is the only variable that matters.

The abstract follows.

Three hypotheses concerning self-concept were tested using a sample of 1,050 seventh grade students and a selected subsample of 110 over- and under-achieving students. A significant positive relationship was found between self-concept of ability and grade point average; this relationship persisted even when measured intelligence was controlled. Specific self-concepts of ability related to specific areas of academic achievement were found; in some areas these were better predictors of achievement in the subject than general self-concept of ability. Self-concept was significantly and positively related to the perceived evaluation of significant others. A direction for further research is indicated.

(Emphasis mine)
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