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Vaccines Cause More Than Just Autism...

Posted Apr 20 2009 11:11pm
So telling Paul Offit to shut up last night is definitely not one of the nicest things I've ever said to someone, but far from the worst. HERE You see, I simply don't appreciate being called names by a man who is profitting off of injuries our kids sustain in the name of protecting and ridding the world of rotavirus!

I am not a "False Prophet" because I share that recovery from autism is possible. I've got proof living in my home. Other parents recovering their children from the abyss of autism are not "False Prophets" either. And last, but certainly not least, all the good doctors and researchers who are finding answers and helping our children heal are not "False Prophets". Just the opposite! And Good God in Heaven are we and our children ever thankful and forever in debt to them!

Paul Offit is the False Prophet here; him and his brood. And while I'm at it, I may as well tell Amanda Peet to shut-up as well. Just go away... you don't have a leg to stand on and you don't have a dog in this fight so you have no room to speak on this issue!

I'll tell you what got me started on this two day rant of mine. I am incredibly upset, I'm sure you figured this out by now. When my husband got home from work yesterday he informed me that one of his co-workers four year old nephew is in Dornbecker Children's Hospital. He is basically on life support, with his asthma threatening to take his life. His birthday is this summer, and they do not expect him to make it that long. He will be five. I can not fathom... Please keep this family, and this precious little boy in your prayers.

My husband told me because it was tearing him apart, and of course if anyone is going to understand, it's going to be me. And now it's tearing me up. I just can not fathom what this family is going through.

Thus, my need to vent and tell Paul Offit to shut the hell up!

Vaccines are responsible for the rise in so many disorders and diseases, and you do nothing but turn a blind eye to the situation and call us "False Prophets"! It's pretty obvious, your love of money. "For the love of money is the root of all evil." 1 Timothy 6:10 You have contributed to the sickest and most disabled generation of children ever. If you really gave a damn about our children's health and well being you'd get off your ass and take some of your precious vaccine profit and help us find an answer through honest research instead of continually telling parents vaccines are safe, so safe that an infant could handle 10,000 or 100,000 at once. Prove it!

God has a special place reserved for you. He's going to close the gate on you because of what you've done.

For more information on vaccines and asthma please visit Age of Autism and read THIS Vaccines cause asthma; the science proves it!

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