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Vaccine Autism War Is Declared Over: Autism Is 100% Genetic, Vaccine Concerned Parents Are Fanatics

Posted Aug 01 2010 3:12am
Dr. Henry Miller, physician and molecular biologist, a fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution, and Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, president of the American Council on Science and Health, have ended the vaccine autism wars. 

Without providing any fancy explanations, or any  substantial explanation at all, these learned figures have declared in Unlocking the Genetic Secrets of Autism   that autism is 100% genetic and parents who resist this knowledge are fanatics particularly those who believe vaccines may play a role in causing vaccines. There ain't much science or logic in the declaration to confuse fanatic parents. The war is over. Autism is genetic. Let the parades begin:

Intense and even fanatical resistance to vaccination against childhood diseases is itself a significant public health problem. Opponents have blamed vaccines for everything from allergies and diabetes to cancer and autism. A recent study of abnormalities in the DNA of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) should finally put to rest the claims of some activists, mainly parents of affected children, that vaccines cause these conditions.
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