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Useless Child Care Center

Posted Oct 14 2009 12:00am
I am not sure why I even bother or why I do this to myself when I know the inevitable outcome of such endeavors.

There is a child care center across the street from our building. It is built inside a junior public school.

I thought hey let us visit and see what they think about taking on a child with autism.

I was met with the supervisor. M.

I am up front and do not like to beat around the bush. I told her my child is 3 and he has autism. I think I am an idiot.

"Oh we don't take children with autism, I mean it depends on the severity of their condition", said M, terrified, as if she would some how catch the autism I was carrying on my breath.

So I said well Khaled is not severely autistic (I hated myself for saying that, for being defensive) don't you get help from the local government in the form of a resource teacher?

"Yes we do have a consultant who gives us advice", sighed M.

I asked her if she took children if we provided our own worker.

"Oh yeah if you are willing to sign off that they are OK to work with your child", remarked M with some deliberate nonchalance.

She later went on to tell me that it is probably better I try this other child care center where the consultant goes more often. Her low blow backhanded way of asking me to be gone.

What a total disgrace to her profession this woman turned out to be.

She wanted nothing to do with me. She wanted me to disappear. She may be supervising a child care center, but in my eyes she is a failure. Not because she did not show interest in MY son, but because she is not interested in learning how to teach. How can you be a teacher and not be interested in teaching?

Here I was offering her an opportunity. A real teacher who wants to be better at what she does, would jump at the opportunity to teach a child who clearly demands more than her current knowledge of early childhood education. She would get to work along side a trained professional provided by us. This was her chance to really know what it is like to understand a young human being, their every behavior and learn their potential. And best of all we would pay for it all.

Shame on you M. You are not doing anyone a service. Way to go writing off a kid before you even met them. You are just another drone, an ageing peg in the machinery that churns out a meaningless curriculum that you mindlessly smother young minds with.
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