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UK's Michael Thomas on Media Treatment of the Pain of Aspergers

Posted May 08 2009 12:00am

Mom and child sketch My Views

As a young person with Aspergers Syndrome, OCD and Bowel Disease I feel that it’s outrageous that the journalists and the wider media always seem to ignore children like myself – children who are in constant pain and suffering and experience uncertainty about, not only themselves, but also their constant, and often life threatening conditions. And yet, there is hope, there is help there is a way out – but certain journalists and the GMC are attacking the only ones who seem to be able to help, the only ones who seem to care – the Doctors. They seem intent on bringing “justice” to those that have done “wrong”, and yet they ignore the very people that need the help the most. Whatever reason is believed to be the cause of our problems, proper investigations and subsequent medical treatment should be provided. These good Doctors that are unfairly on trial were trying to research into the cause of the problem, and proper treatment; though, now it seems like this research has come to a stop.

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