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Uh Oh! We have a biter!

Posted Mar 09 2009 12:00am
So, I was bragging about our good day yesterday with a bit of fear...thinking that I may be jinxing the next day. Not necessarily. Drew had another good day! He woke up happy and squealing. We arrived at therapy and he walked through the room and did not cry. This is only the second time that he has transitioned there without crying. Phew. Relief.

Drew had his speech assessment this morning and behaved and played appropriately. He was making good vowel sounds and showing off his personality for the Speech Pathologist. Still good. Even better, the Speech Pathologist suggested that in almost every category besides language expression, Drew is functioning at the age appropriate level. Hooray!

Then, we went over to the therapy room and I was able to leave the room without screams. Wow. I sat in the waiting area with the other hopeful mothers. We talked and traded stories...Respite. Meanwhile, no familiar screams in the background only familiar squeals. (I'm still not sure if his squeals are stims from autism or genuine happiness.)

Out of the goodness of my heart (LOL), I decided to relieve the therapist a few minutes early. I went in to check on him and inquired about his progress today. His therapist said, "Um, he did Ok." WHAT?! Just ok? He transitioned beautifully, was making good sounds, didn't fuss....

Then the other therapist looked over and said, "Well, he bit Yurmea today." Bewildered. Dumbstruck. Stunned. HE BIT HER? How could this be? Then, I got a look at her face.... He really bit her hard. I'm so mortified. I feel so horrible. I know how hard he can bite although he has only bit my finger while trying to brush his teeth (except for very early during teething). I'm still trying to figure out the appropriate gesture. Do I give her a card or something? The poor thing is going to have a black and blue face!

So, despite the new cannibalistic character of my child, it was a good day. :)

Today's menu: bananas, pecan milk, pecan pancakes, lemon cookies, cranberry juice, grape juice, meatballs, avocado w pear, Easter sweet bread, homemade chicken nuggets, green beans
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