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Two things I'd never have thought I'd say as a mother, much less in the same conversation:

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:46pm

At karate, and elsewhere, but especially at karate, The Kid has taken to hitting himself in the head when he is frustrated. He is most frustrated with himself when he forgets the next move, or what a move is in karate. His sensei has decided that when he hits himself in the head, he must do push ups. 10, to be exact. Tonight, the sensei told him that the 10-pushups-after-hitting-self-in-head rule would apply at home as well.

The following conversation took place after bathtime tonight:

The Kid: Mom, my butt hurts! Look at my butt!

Me: [ looks at butt, unfortunately sees a kind of diaper rash-y thing going on down there--shudder, at least it was after the bath ] Um, yeah, Kid, you are going to have to do a better job of wiping.

The Kid: Darn it! [ hits head, gets mad at self for not wiping butt well enough ]

Me: Kid, it's okay, I guess everyone forgets to wipe their butt sometime. Now drop and give me ten!
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