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Two new blogs you need to read this new year

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:39pm

You may recall, Dear Reader, that earlier this year made a big splash when they advertised for an autism blogger for their increasingly popular social action network website. From blogs all over the autism blogosphere, readers and potential authors were urged to apply, apply, apply.

Of course it goes without saying that this was in itself a political act – I doubt very much if were quite prepared for the utter deluge of applications that hit them. I have it on good authority that applications ran into the thousands and has been by far the biggest launch have held.

Age of Autism, with its usual inherent crassness, not only informed their readers of this but also posted the private home phone number of one of the owners of As ever, the people on that side of the fence show a startling lack of good social skills for a group that believe genes play a secondary role to vaccines.

Did I apply? Yep. Did I get it? Nope. Am I happy about that? I actually am. I would’ve loved to have carried a neurodiversity message into the heart of the largest growing social action network on the web today but although I made it to the final round, I didn’t make the final hurdle. C’est la vie.

So why am I happy? Because in a burst of what can only be described as genius planning from they have decided to appoint not one, but two autism bloggers.

So what? I hear you say. Well, so, the first blogger is the truly amazing Kristina Chew. Someone whos blog will be required reading. Someone who is quite firmly on the side of autistic people.

But the absolute best thing is the second blogger. decided that they would have an autism blogger who was autistic. They settled for Dora Raymaker – an ASAN Director alongside Ari Ne’eman.

This makes the very first non-autie run political (with a small p) organisation in the US to appoint an autistic person to talk about autism. Think about that. beat ASA, Autism Speaks etc to appoint an autistic person to express an autistic viewpoint.

I am very excited about these two new autism blogs. I am thrilled that these two people beat off the competition (including me) to take a pro-autistic advocacy message to the heart of this website and this new way of campaigning. Well done Kristina, well done Dora – well done

Truly, a happy new year for autism advocacy.

NB: Official launch is not until 7th Jan so the blog will be in a state of flux for awhile. Don’t go expecting the finish product. But DO GO and join! Its expected to fully OPERATIONAL however by Jan 2nd.

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