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Tricks with glow sticks.

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:59am
Another thing I love about Hallowe'en? Glow sticks.

Glow sticks are cool for any kid, but when your kid is a "flapper"? Wow. A glow stick takes on a whole new persona. I had forgotten that this is one of my favorite things about having an Autistic child around Hallowe'en-time.

Picture this- it's bedtime, and we're laying in bed trying to fall asleep. Zzzzzzzzzoom! A flash of brilliance fills my field of vision.

Zzzzzzzoom! Zzzzzzoom! More flashes of light. All of the sudden, the flashes turn into a butterfly. Jaysen is the dark...with a glow stick.

Wow- this is cool.

The glow stick continues to dance furiously. It flaps, it zooms, it spins, it twirls, and makes fluid shapes. They're like liquid designs floating in space. It's beautiful.

I watched his show for a bit, then gently reminded him that it's time for sleep. He continued for a few minutes more. His familiar movements invisible, only to be traced by bright neon green. When he decided he was finished, he put the glow stick under his pillow, where it stayed until the next night.

Is your child Autistic? Do they flap/stim? Give 'em a glow stick at bedtime, sit back, and enjoy. I guarantee you will see a most fantastic display, that your child creates.
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