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Posted Jun 08 2013 11:33pm
I want to explain my long absence from the blog world, but I don't have a very interesting one. I just let myself go in that perpetual cycle of breakfast, kids, lunch, kids, kids kids, dinner, kids, unconscious, repeat. 
But I know something would come long, that would nag me enough to write again.

I want to come back to autism. Having other children has kind of shifted the focus. Does that make any sense? I have been enjoying my change in focus to be honest. K has been adjusting to this change as well, maturing, doing so many new things every day that it seems trivial to blog about. But it is not trivial. And I need this reminder, that these accomplishments cannot be taken for granted. Just because we are no longer announcing them, or counting them, or awestruck every time he does something amazing, doesn't mean it isn't  amazing. 

Roles have evolved around here. I am now shared between three very demanding little people, each with their own unique personalities and subtleties. K is no longer the sole subject of scrutiny and planning, he is often second, sometimes even third. He is the older brother. Many times thrown in to situations that are way beyond his comprehension, expected to swim and make it through them, because really, there is no other option. Sometimes he makes it, sometimes he doesn't. Too bad, there isn't enough time for prolonged critical analysis, there is just next time!

This new life experience has brought forth a variety a of interesting "abilities". He is being more assertive. One has to make their presence felt or be overlooked. He is verbally expressing his preferences, refusing to just follow along, presenting arguments. The other day when I called him for lunch, he turned to me and said "But I am doing something right nowwww!"

Because they are new and rare, these moments of self assertion crack me up. 

He is also more sensitive. He is infinitely more flexible. He is transitioning in to that seven to ten year old age group. Where you aren't so much a kid, definitely not a grown up, you are mostly annoying, sometimes adorable. 

He is still  bouncing of the walls, stealing hidden gluten loaded items in the kitchen, being totally dysregulated. Having his occasional meltdown when he just can't take it anymore. He is learning math. What is two more than 4? Who  knew?

His reading fluency is much better. I thought it would be stuck where we are, but we have repeated a lot of stuff we did last year, mostly due to lack of time to come up with new curriculum! But it was the best thing for him, because it boosted his confidence and increased his fluency in reading. Reading comprehension; now that's another tale for another time. 

There is so much he is learning, good and bad. You can't explicitly teach life in school, but its all you teach when you homeschool. 

We have a year packed with huge life changes. I am no longer anxious, just excited. 

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