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to render a departure nike air max bw mens hurt the heart and a hint of sadness

Posted Jan 04 2013 7:53am
Gently rain down fiercely trip, mixed with the pumping heart of lightning, and that frightens thunderous TV drama, and accompanied by such a complex atmosphere, deep and shift people's heartstrings and sad mood. Suddenly see inexplicable you will have to disappear, there is no reason, no reason to kind of, the rest of the world is left alone in a lonely alone sad. So the only remaining rain the Blanc and November reluctance.Winter rain so inexplicable in this season become frequent stirring December restless emotional, reminders Couzhuo the mood of sadness and grief of the people of action, inexplicable December days in this season become sensational, to contrast with the autumn that lingering sentimental, intensify the mood of people alone and sad charm, you will suddenly see a man inexplicably left without warning, without warning, the kind only the rest of the world alone a sadness, alone in a never to forget. So nike air max 95 uk only the rain rustling and December accompany.Winter rain sometimes start, sometimes pause, continue with their own personality, on and off, smell, Laicui Couzhuo played in December, also swap December sad taste, play with their own inherent roles and obligations.

December is the inherent time, year after year, will accompany people sing sad Nocturne, the call of the winter rain, old tell people this is a special season, occasionally touching and winter rain, a prosecution saying this Pan The blue beautiful season fragment to memory leaves rustling leaves yellow, recording each other short-term happiness. Yet you suddenly see that you want to go, no fortification, no fortification of the kind, the rest of the world is left alone support alone a person strong. So also left alone in a miss, then forget themselves alone!Rain is next, also came in December after a while you have a person walking in the winter aftertaste wanton here transpiration, to render a departure nike air max bw mens hurt the heart, and a hint of sadness. Only a people forget themselves alone, left alone in a brewing strong. But leaves yet green, leaves not germinate bloom chrysanthemum yet. Some people also did not appear. Has not appeared.A day wandering a long time to deal with the bus on a busy bus lines gradually produce feelings. Deeply realize the hardships as a city public bus.
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