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To-Do Tuesday, This Time With An Actual To Do List Included

Posted Oct 20 2009 10:03pm

Sorry for yet another week of absence from this blog – outside of a fun trip on Saturday, my time has been focused almost entirely on the behavior plan we are getting ready to start at school with Michael. I think we finally have something good and am very hopeful that it will work as expected. The teacher has been so frustrated and I really wish the team last year had started the process in February when I originally asked them to instead of waiting until mid-May when I demanded it, but at least we have one now.

I was also pretty stressed out because I agreed to go to Michael’s Halloween party at school before I realized that meant I had to actually PLAN it! I thought I was just supposed to show up and do as I was told. Thankfully, the homeroom parent did a lot of the kindergarten parties last year and helped me out with some great ideas. Now I just need to prep for one of the games and I will be all set.

Once that weight was off my mind, it was much easier to plow through the backlog of phone calls and paperwork that has been piling up on my desk. So now I have a list I can actually fit on one page again!

Stuff That Has to Get Done:

Buy new Halloween costume for Michael (hand-me-down one he wanted to wear isn’t big enough to wear over regular clothes)
Buy Halloween candy
Don’t eat the Halloween candy!
Make bingo cards for school party
Do Family Turkey Project together
Gather information for meeting with Special Needs planner
Make copies for MA reapplication and mail in the packet
Get car inspected

Things I’ve Been Procrastinating About:

Send out Michael’s school pictures to family
Go through vacation photos and send prints to family back in Illinois
Start planning for Christmas gifts
Figure out what I’m doing for Christmas cards
Find the books J recommended on talking about autism with Michael

For more To-Do Tuesday, visit Crazy Adventures in Parenting.

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