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Timing: Joy of Autism Nonsense and Sad News of Missing Autistic Children

Posted Apr 04 2011 9:38pm

The news continues to look frightful, even grim, for the  3 year old autistic boy near Montreal who went missing while his father was in a friend's house for a few minutes and where authorities have now called off an intense ground search and hope is fading. A few days ago a six year old autistic boy in Melbourne Australia who went missing from his home was struck and killed by a train .  Meanwhile Canada's Joy of Autism movement is once again pushing its bizarre view that autism  disorder is not a disorder at all it is , as stated by  Estée Klar, a Joy.  The mother of an autistic child actually thinks that autism is a joy.  The parents and family members of the 3 year old boy near Montreal, the 6 year old boy near Melbourned, of young James Delorey who perished in winter weather last year in Halifax might disagree with her "logic" in describing autism as a joy.  

I most certainly disagree. I am the father of a severely autistic boy and  could have lost him several  years ago when he slipped out of the house and attempted to cross a very busy street stopping traffic until a good Samaritan stopped and took him to a nearby convenience store and 911 was called. I remain very grateful to that gentleman and to the police for bringing my son to safety. I would never, ever embrace the fuzzy logic that results in calling autism disorder a joy.
Estée Klar has published her support for a coalition of advocacy organizations that object to the attempt to codify wandering as a separate criteria for autism .  Research  they say, research is needed. Yeah right.  Let's take 10 to 20 years and conduct methodologically unsound statistical surveys and call them science while we ignore the current evidence of harsh realities that wandering behavior in autistic children results in. In the meantime Estée can lecture us on how autism is  joy not a disorder. 
Many autistic children and adults are prone to wandering from their homes and caregivers. That is an unpleasant reality that should be made known to the parents of newly diagnosed children and professional caregivers now, so they can take steps to protect the autistic children and adults in their care, now, not 20 years from now.We don't need more autistic children wandering away and coming to harm.
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