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Posted Dec 18 2009 12:00am
guys there is no documented actual link to thyroid and autism, please know that, if your following my blog and have an underactive thyroid, dont think anything to do with autism is to do with thyroid, i can only go by my experience and my taughts and speculation, yes it does mess around with a babies brain development, and yes it is the second most common illness in woman (or something to that figure) it could all be coincidence, i have asked so many times for evidence, there is none, no they cant dismiss my querey cause they simply dont know, no one does, i know it is being researched in america but more in deprived areas where tft screening is not available, the heel prick test checks for your babies tft level, my reason for my querey is that i had no tft level for 2 months prior to pregnancy and 4 months into pregnancy, my levels were severe, lucas tft would have developed by fourth month for him self in womb as their gland develops, i just dont know if my severe lack of tft during that time affected him and the endocrinologist said it more or less did, if you have a thyroid problem and are on medication with even a yearly blood test as a check up it is likely your child would not have been affected like luca what so ever. phiew i hope that clears that up. i would however advise all women trying to concieve to get their tfts tested first, i would strongly recommend it, if early pregnancy, get it checked now, as i said i only have my own personal experience
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