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Thunder coach Brooks's mother just died yesterday

Posted Jan 22 2013 12:49am
Thunder coach Brooks's mother just died yesterday, at the age of 79.Note in mother's message, Brooks returned to California Mandica mothers live, today, Brooks flew to Denver, has taught the game.Thunder will be eager to coach a victory, regrettably."He came back to coach today, proves what kind of fighter he is, he we give the number.We really wanted to win for him the win tonight, we are fightingjordan after game uk   for him, we just want to give him a hug."Thunder Center, said Perkins.The game, Nuggets players Brewer cut down by 26 points, including 15 from the fourth section.Extra time, he completed two Dunks faruide key bothering dribblers, Nuggets win State has achieved.Faruide said: "he will throw the ball to me and say, ' go do it '.Opponents do not have clamps I, I decided to cut down.

However, it is this 2 minute opened up the Knicks and the most exciting in the history of the NBA, one of the most unusual and most xuanza week.It changes the team direction, lit the passion of the entire city, marking a player substitutes began to grow up to be full members of the NBA Union, turn on the road to the rise ofnike blazers women an international star was amazing, and marked the highest level of professional sports games in the world is about to experience a cautionary transformation.Prior to that, coach Nick Maike·deandongni (Mike D'Antoni) are faced with constantly disappointed in expectations and keep their jobs.

According to Wade's answer, in fact the opposite."This is like a family," Wade said, "it's like everyone's family, sometimes you can love your family, sometimes you don't want to talk to them.This team is like a family."" We've all experienced moments like this, sometimes we love each other, and sometimes we are not the same attitude, but this is what we are.We love each other, we all respect each other, we all have a common goal, one is the victory."In the last 6 even during sishuai and Wade were experienced between the" family moments ", in the match against Sir Wade across the 4th section is placed on the bench by handsome without the army.Wade after the game to coach this approach is obviously not happy.
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