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ThreeLac Or How Biomed Is Getting Out Of Hand

Posted Sep 22 2008 10:59am 2 Comments
ThreeLac is an alternative treatment for candida/yeast/fungal infections which seems to be receiving considerable attention as a biomed autism treatment thanks to Jenny McCarthy. I wouldn't be surprised if it soon overshadows other treatments currently in vogue, such as Chelation Therapy or Me-B12 injections.

ThreeLac is unproven, of course. There are no published studies on its effectiveness as it relates to any condition, never mind autism.

However, there is one "study" underway which purports to demonstrate its effectiveness as an autism treatment. I'm not going to link to its web page but it's easy to find if you're interested. It is not a controlled study, as you can imagine. It's reminiscent of the uncontrolled work Amy Holmes did in the early days of Chelation Therapy for autism. In any such uncontrolled "studies", you will find that the children "improve", some markedly. I would go as far as to say, frankly, that non-controlled treatment studies are worse than useless in autism for reasons that should be well known by now.

What caught my attention about the ThreeLack "study" was the "existing supplement routine prior to and during the study." It's jaw-dropping. The following is a selected list of existing supplements taken by some of the children in the study.

Child #2: Magnetic clay baths finished, transdermal DMPS – ongoing. Other supplements: H. Pheno, H Enzyme HN – Mult, H. Enzy – APF – gfcf, Zn monomethionine, Folic acid, Multicarotene, Co Q10, Black Currant, V E, Epson S cream, EFA, D Plex, B Complex, Eskimo oil, CLO flavored, Myelized A, PicMins, Custom amino acid base, LGS, 5-HTP, taurine, OPC – 100, Biotin-8, Sacro-B, L-carnitine. Parent's comments: "He likes to watch picture of books. His eye contact has improved. He sleeps 7-8 hours every day. He is gentle. He enjoys his life. He often smiles. So, we all enjoy peaceful life."

Child #3: No chelation listed. Other supplements: Carnosine, H. Pheno, H. Enzyme HN – Mult, H. Enzy – APF – gfcf, Zn monomethionine, Folic acid, Multi-Carotene, Co Q10, Black currant, V E, Epson S Cream, EFA, D Plex, B Complex, Eskimo oil, CLO, Myelized A, PicMins, Custom amino acid base, LGS, 5-HTP, taurine, OPC-100, Biotin – 8, L-Lysine. Parent's comments: "He can solve many questions of Science, Social Studies, Arithmetic, and Language. He likes to read Harry Potter. He is gentle."

Child #4: TD-DMPS finished June 2005. Other supplements: Ambrotrose, Arabinex, Ascorbic acid, Amino acid, Biotin, Black currant oil, calcium Citramate, Carnosine, Cod liver oil, Co-Enzyme Q10, DMG + Flonic acid, D Plex, EFA, Enzymes – NF, ZP, AFP, Eskimo 3 fish oil, Glutathione cream, Glutathione liquid, 5-HTP Tryptophan, L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, Magnesium sulfate, Mercurious Virus, Monolaurin, Multi-carotene, N-Acetyl Cysteine, OPC-100, Pantethine, Pic-Mins, Pyridoxal 5 phosphate, RNA – Nerve Calm, RNA – Health Foundation, RNA – Stress Foundation, RNA – Mood Focus, Sac. Boullardii, Selenium, Transfer Factor, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Zinc Sulphate.

Child #5: DMSA, Clay baths, TD-DMPS, still in progress. Other supplements: Super Nu Thera, Vitamin C, TMG/Folinic Acid/B12, CoQ10, Amino Acids, Methylcobalamin shot, Enzymes, Glutathione, Milk Thistle, Cod Liver oil, Monolaurin, Pro-Bio Gold, Hemp oil, EP oil, Multi Mineral, Transfer Factor, Zinc. Parent's comments: "Improved computer skills, improved handwriting and spelling. Has mastered tying shoes on shoe board."

Child #7: TD DMPS, ongoing. Other supplements: Lipoceutical Glutathione, Multi-vitamin, Multi-mineral, Buffered Vitamin C, Zinc, Transfer Factor, Amino Acid blend, L-Carnitine, Taurine, MB12 shots & Folinic Acid, Cod Liver oil. Parent's comments: "Toilet training improved (B.M.'s are the best)."

Child #8: Magnetic Clay baths and Transdermal DMPS gel ongoing. Other supplements: Vitamin E w/Tocotrienols 400I.U., B-Complex #3 caps, Multi-Vitamin Pro-Support, Ascorbic Acid, Magnesium Malate, Zinc Monomethionine, Calcium Citramate, Pic-Mins (multi-minerals), Epsom Salt Cream, FlorVital Iron liquid, Cod Liver oil, CoQ10, BAM (Amino Acid base), L-Carnitine, Glycine, TMG w. Folinic acid & B12, L-Theanine, Melatonin, Sacro-B, O.P.C. (oligomeric Pranthocyanidin), Lipoceutical Glutithione, Methyl-B12 shots, Enzymes: No-Fenol, Zyme Prime, AFP Peptizyde. Parent's comments: "He is much better. Overall, a much calmer boy."

Child #9: Oral DMSA, two rounds only during study. Daily application of TTFD chelating cream. Other supplements: Essential fatty acids, Multi-vitamin, amino acids, Acetyl l-carnitine, Vitamin C, B6, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin E, Transfer Factors, Methylcobalamin injections, Glutathione lotion. Parent's comments: "She has improved well in areas of sociability and cognition. Sociability is 60% improved, irritability is 20% improved and academic is 60% improved."

Child #10: Oral DMSA, 3/2005 – present. Other supplements: Pic-Mins, zinc monomethionine, selenium picolinate, magnesium malate, N-acetyl cysteine, L-carnitine, OPC-100, carnosine, taurine, multicarotene, CoQ10, glycine, biotin, folinic acid, Kirkman Nu Thera Everyday Companion, Kirkman EFA, amino acid mix, B-complex, vitamin A, vitamin B6 (P5P), vitamin C, vitamin E, black currant oil, fish oil, cod liver oil, glutathione, B-12 injections, T.A.P.S. (liver support), TTFD.

Child #11: DMPS transdermal prior to starting ThreeLac and ended in May, 2005, changing to clay baths. Other supplements: Micel A drops, Wellness LipoCeutical Glutathione, Black Elderberry extract, Cod liver oil, Eskimo oil, Transfer Factor, NAC, Multiple vitamin Pro Support, Magnesium malate, Selenium, Zinc monomethionine, Pic-Mins, ASD-Plex, Nu-Thera Everyday Companion, Amino acids, H. No-Fenol, H. HN-Zyme Prime Multi, H. Enzyme AFP Peptizyde cfgf, Kirkman vitamin C candies, Balanced Omega combination, Black currant oil, Hydrosoluble CoQ-10, Multi-carotene, Vitamin E, Taurine, L-Carnitine, O.P.C., Biotin-8, B-Complex #3, Folinic acid, Empsom salt cream, Zinc Sulfate cream, Methyl-B12 shot, Melatonin. Parent's comments: "She was off ThreeLac and all supplements completely for 8 weeks, and her diarrhea (of > 1yr) never returned. She also showed no regression and her behavior is that of a recovered autistic child (no behavioral symptoms). She is now able to tolerate moderate amounts of sugar, and we just started her on 1 packet/day maintenance and the rest of her supplements ½ dose. I think she's completely normal except for needing to stay on the diet and supplements. She still has a bit of a speech delay, but improved so much that it doesn't get in her way of making friends. She's one of the friendliest kids in her class. If you were to observe the class and guess which one is autistic, you probably wouldn't guess (my daughter). She's 90% potty trained."

Child #12: TD-DMPS ongoing. Other supplements: Custom amino acid, Carnosine, Buffered C, DMG w/ B-12 + folinic acid, Pic-Mins, OPC-100, Magnesium Malate, Transfer Factor, Co-Q10, LGS, Selenium Picolinate, Black Currant Oil, Folinic Acid, Sacro-B, Calcium Citramate, Vitamin E, B-Complex, Biotin-8, Zinc Monomethionine, Glycine, Micelized Vitamin A, Cod Liver Oil, Omega Brite, RNA, GABA, Pantethine, LipoCeutical Glutathione, TTFD cream, Glutathione cream, Epsom salts cream and baths. Parent's comments: "His imagination skills have improved. The ThreeLac has made a huge improvement with his stools. Mouthing has improved 100% and lining up objects has improved 50%."

Child #13: TD-DMPS since 12/6/2004, ongoing. Other supplements: Transfer Factor Advanced, Trace Mins, Pic Mins, Zinc Picolinate, Vit E with Tocotrienols, Evening Primrose oil, Black Currant, CoQ-10, Cod liver oil, Eskimo oil, Magnesium Malate, L-Tyrosine, D-Plex, Customized Amino Acids, Selenium, Biotin-8, B Complex #3, MB-12, Melatonin, 5HTP, GABA, Buffered C Powder, Calcium C, Taurine, Multi Vit Pro Support. Parent's comments: "Fine motor skills 50% improved. He is almost 100% toilet trained (90% improved)."

Child #16: Clay baths – ongoing. Other supplements: AFP-Peptizyde, B-12 shot, Black Currant Oil, Carnosine, Cod Liver Oil, Custom Amino Acid Base, DMG w/Folinic Acid, D-Plex, EFA, Epsom S Cream, Eskimo-3 Oil, Hydrosoluble CoQ-10, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, Lipoceutical Glutathinoe, L-Methionine, Lycopene, Magnesium Malate, Micel-A, NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine, No Fenol, Nu-Thera/Everyday Companion, Pantethine, Pic-Mins, Super Nu-Thera, Taurine, Vital-10, Vitamin E w/ Tocotrienols, Zinc, Zinc Monomethionine, Zyme Prime. Parent's comments: "He went from being mostly non-verbal to a "chatter box." He enjoys talking and singing. He has been diagnosed with apraxia of speech and as a result it's not always easy to understand what he's saying...but it's a huge improvement over where he was at when we started."

Child #17: Clay baths – ongoing. Other supplements: 5-HTP, AFP-Peptizyde, B-12 shot, B-Complex w/ CoEnzymes Pro, Black Currant Oil, Black Elderberry Extract, Cod Liver Oil, DMG w/ Folinic Acid, Epsom S Cream, Eskimo-2 Oil, Floradix, Glycine, Hydrosoluble CoQ-10, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, Lipoceutical Glutathione, L-Phenylalanine, Lycopene, Magnesium Malate, Melatonin, Micel-A, NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine, No Fenol, Nu-Thera/Everyday Companion, O.P.C.-100, Pantethine, Pic-Mins, Super Nu-Thera, Taurine, Vital-10, Vitamin E w/ Tocotrienols, Zinc Monomethionine, Zyme Prime. Parent's comments: "She has always been a "chatter box." We have seen amazing changes in her as well. On her annual IQ tests she scored 39 points higher than last year... and 49 points on the other IQ test. If she was reevaluated today, the psychologist expects that she would lose her diagnosis."

Damn. I hope the reason most children in the study take so many supplements is because the study self-selects for curebie parents. Additionally, I hope these kids make it through all that.

This reminds me of a supplement soup JB Handley was giving his kid, but I couldn't find the link to that.
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Are you on the spectrum? Are any of your chldren on the spectrum. Let me tell you about DAN.  have 2 autstc chldren, one of which developed pneumonia, was in and out of the hosptal 3 times and released n the same shape as when he went in to the hospital. After his conventional doctor give him pulmacort and dagnosed him as having reversible asthma he temporarily went blind, a side effect of the pulmacort, I took him to his eye doctor and he recommended I take him to see a DAN doctor. Within 1 week he was completely well of the pneumonia, just by takng probiotics,and  nutritional supplements. I am convinced that he would have died had we not made it to see this doctor and taken another approach. Children with ASD have compromised immune systems and do not respond to traditional meds, such as antibiotics, in this case. Also extreme levels of supplements such as B6 are not toxic to ASD people, we need it! We use it. This is proven. Do your research. Also with the new program of sharing info among autism treatment facilities you are going to in time see exactly what works and what doesn't so be careful what you assume. Pretty soon you may be proven very wrong. And if what you say is true,  about non controlled studies, then why is it that we are seeing remarkable results from these biomedical treatments. Much better results than the stimulant drugs conventional doctors are prescribing, and with little or no side effects. I have autism, both of my children have it. We live the spectrum every day and there are numerous controlled studies that dispute what you say, as well as, prove many DAN principles to be valid. If everyone in the mainstream medical community is convinced they are right about this why not prove it, perhaps through clincal trials and controlled studies. Of course, there are those who skew results of case studies to reflect thier own opinion. Lasyly, God gives exceptional children to exceptional people. It is my right to choose whatever treatment for my children that I want to, as long as it is done responsibly. Complications arise even in mainstream medical techniques, the key is close monitoring.   

Autistic children need supplements. Here's why. Autistic children self-limit their food due to sensory issues and food sensitivities. They also have trouble absorbing enough nutrients from the food they do eat. They do not produce enough digestive enzymes. Their neurotransmitters are imbalanced. 90% of neurotransmitters are made in the gut. The GI tracts in the majority of autistic children are compromised by inflammation and dysbiosis.

 Supplementation has a good risk benefit ratio for these kids with a couple of caveats. First, each supplement should be introduced one at a time, using the great low and slow method. Second, at the beginning of a special diet, it is a good idea to leave out the supplements for a time until the gut has had a chance to heal. Otherwise the supplements may just end up feeding the bad bugs in the gut or irritating the gut further. Third, supplements should be free of allergens and unnecessary fillers. Kirkmans is well known as a maker of supplements safe for autistic children. Other good sources include Pure Encapsulations.

 For a long time I gave my toddler no supplements during the early months of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I found he benefited from B6; it made his hair thicker. His hair finally grew in the regions where it used to fall out. Now his male pattern baldness is finally going away. Magnesium helped him sleep better. MB12 sublingual spray helped with his balance. Enhansa made him laugh and smile more, initiate more social interactions, made his face more expressive, and made him move faster. Fermented cod liver oil improved his eye contact and made him stop looking at objects out of the corners of his eyes.

 The mito cocktail was an absolute rescusitation for him, since he has an underlying mitochondrial disorder as 4-10% of autistic children are estimated to have. Carnitine made him socially engaged as well as happier and more energetic. CoQ10 reversed his clinginess and fatigue. Creatine monohydrate helped him broaden his play and try more new things. Folinic acid made him less obsessive, less easily frustrated, and less anxious in the face of lots of sensory input.



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