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Three straight home win streak in the lakers' challenge the nuggets to the devil

Posted Feb 26 2013 3:30am
One is 15 war 11 - are doing their best to sprint playoff the lakers, is a home win streak is trying to kill to the west of Denver four, when the two teams meet, a Mars hit the earth's game is about to start. Nike Air Max 2009 The lakers' recent momentum gratifying, on January 26, the jazz at home before they reached the distance 5 into losing eight games, but then they played three wave, won in 15 games just lost four games, this wave crazy chase after fierce drive, the lakers and see the hope of the playoffs. If tomorrow the lakers' victory over the nuggets, they will obtain 29 - and negative results, for the first time in 2013 to achieve 5 into losing. If tomorrow the lakers' victory over the nuggets, they will lag behind the gap to catch up with only two games. Tomorrow the rockets bye. Kobe Bryant or the lakers' most can rely on star, in the past two games he has scored 78 points, the percentage is 44 shots and reached 63.6%. In this morning when facing Dallas, Bryant points and 12 rebounds and seven assists, and career breakthrough total score 31000 points mark. "He is my at that time the best player in the NBA is, I joined a long time, he is I like watching star." Kobe Bryant's performance to the mavericks star dirk nowitzki also be sincerely convinced. But this time the lakers had hard bone, "a mile city" Denver has a devil at home, this season they are here to play the game, and only lost one of the three games in the league, this is the top. In the past eight home, all the Denver nuggets win, lose or the last home on January 19,.The nuggets also in sprint, they want is for home court advantage throughout the playoffs. Now the nuggets have gradually will warriors fell and sit tight the west, and the fourth, the fifth grizzlies have three games of the gap. "If we can get 53 - or 54 - words, I think we will be able to enter the top four, it will in the next few weeks or months come." Cheap Nike Air Max 2009 Tiger - Lawson said. For the Denver nuggets are a not too good news, that is their leading scorer Gary accept the (16.9 PPG) because of a thigh bruise, tomorrow whether can play is still unknown. Against the lakers this season, Gary's to the score of 19 points or more. This is the lakers and the nuggets this season against fourth, after three games the nuggets 2-1 negative occupies a leading advantage. The three games only one game in Denver for the game, kobe Bryant 24 shots and get forty points, but the lakers fragile defense let the nuggets got 126 points, including 69 points in the second half. Howard in the home and away contrast is that the lakers lose the game reasons. Two home the Denver nuggets, Howard got a total of 42 points and rebounds in Denver, but the game, he is only 12 points and seven rebounds. In the game, after the lakers had eight straight away. Now once again came to Denver, the lakers want to prove they have thoroughly remould oneself, not what it was in.Thunder in the 102-72 home, wash the bulls, made two wins. Four quarter the detailed respectively: 16 to 24, 25, and twenty - - 31, and - 22 (bull before). Thunder team four players in double predictions brooke 23 points three assists, durant 19 points, 16 rebounds and assists 2 shots, the barca 17 points and 10 rebounds three shots, lyres Flo gaza 11 points. Nike Air Max 90 The bulls two players in double, small potato Robinson state downturn and throw in 2 had 13 points and five assists and steals luol deng 13 points and four rebounds. The first quarter perkins cap NuoA, predictions of the brook outside long shot, shows very good condition. Hamilton jumper inroads, Robinson long shot of the bulls, with 5-3 lead thunder. Durant continuous attack inroads and cap luol deng, thunder will soon put the score. Predictions brooke into technical foul, Hamilton made the free throw. NuoA cap harp Flo gaza, Martin long shot, the colin's jumper inroads, thunder to 24-16 leading the bulls. Time quarter tower made two free throws a bit like red, Gibson's block colin, strawberry inside the long shot three division of the hand. Durant continuous made foul penalty take points, then outside hitting three points. The barca cap boozer, then steals launched after fast break, lyres Flo gaza layup. The last time deng cap durant, lyres Flo gaza tip-in inroads and made a foul on 2 + 1. In the second half of the game the barca long shot, Robinson run throw inroads and made a foul play three points finish. Durant and predictions brooke continuous attack inroads, lyres Flo outside gaza made foul three free throws. Kevin durant and the barca have send cap, lyres Flo gaza in long shot, the barca and durant after the jump shot, deng outside long shot, the bull to 54-80 behind thunder. Small game in berry the jumper inroads, Mohammed inside dunks. Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Jackson and lamb each had two points, then lamb steals caused by the fast in berry to seize power foul after two free throws. Jackson made on driving layup and a 2 + 1, thunder lead to more than 30 points. Then gradually change the second team, and ultimately thunder to a 102-72 victory over the bulls, made two wins.
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