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This is a poem sent to me from a ...

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:18am

This is a poem sent to me from a mom, Rachel Hellewell. Her daughter wrote it after her brother (Rachel's son) regressed into autism after a mega-dose of vaccines. He is doing great now - AFTER GFCF, chelation, and HBOT; all per their DAN! physician.

This photo is Lacey and Porter before regression.

Autism Boy
by Lacey Hellewell 13yrs old

His eyes are lost
his heart is gone
covered in frost

is this song

His life is broken
and so is mine
nothing is spoken
it’s so unkind…

The shots that harmed him
could not be heard
yet they stole his future
and took all his words
I cry every night
I’m sure he would too
but through those blank eyes
there’s no life coming through
And this is Porter after regression.

The fault is not his
for it’s a disease
God, won’t you help him please

one in one fifty is the statistic
now my poor brother is autistic
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