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tHERsDay: Life of Stim

Posted Mar 28 2013 10:09pm

This is what CB does all day, everyday... unless she is eating, sleeping or at school where they obviously don't let her "stim" all day.  She drags around as many pom poms, beads and ratty torn magazines as possible and sits on the floor flipping pages and swirling her beads on the hard wood floor. She'll tap the pages as she turns. Sometimes she swirls a pom pom around for a different sound.  There is often a musical toy around as well, playing the same song (without volume control) over and over. Then she smacks the floor as hard as she can three to five times intermittently and hums bars from certain songs repetitively. The whole thing goes on a loop repeating itself over and over and over.

She has done this all day, everyday, since she was around 2.  If you think about it, REALLY think about it, it's mind boggling.  At least, it is for me. Yet, somehow she never ever gets bored.  Like, EVER.  In fact, most days she'll look up to the ceiling and break into a broad smile, just so happy to be alive.   Her contentment makes me happy and that keeps me from sliding down that hill of sad, because thinking can take you in either direction if you do it too hard or too much.

If only we all could block out the world and do the one thing we loved all day long.  I'm actually a little jealous of her sometimes.

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