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There are no cherries in cherry Jello, and other interesting Feingold Facts

Posted Jul 29 2009 11:31pm
When parents are considering making adjustments to their children's diet in order to see if there is a diet-behavior connection, one of the easiest things to do first, is to "clean up" your child's eating habits by eliminating artificial ingredients, dyes, & preservatives. In short, just try to eat healthier. For some children, that alone may make a big difference, although others will need more complicated dietary interventions, such as the GFCF Diet.

We started off using the Feingold Diet and still are members of the Feingold Association, which is now beginning to include GFCF information in their newsletter and "Feingold Approved" product lists. I saw their new You Tube video and thought it was worthwhile sharing, especially for parents who are new to the world of dietary treatments.

This video is a good introduction to reading labels and making healthier choices among processed foods at the grocery. The next time Aunt Mary suggests it really is ok for little Johnny to have some red Jello or blue cotton candy, just this once, show her this video!

Learn and enjoy!

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