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The Truth About Vaccine Safety

Posted Jun 01 2012 12:00am

Oops sign By Katie Wright

It is a mess. That’s the truth.

Over and over again we see govt officials, the AAP and, especially, the CDC blame vaccine safety advocates for the lack of trust American families have in our infant and toddler immunization schedule. The CDC has repeatedly said that any parental concerns over vaccine safety are groundless. So many times we have been lectured about the “extremely safe protocols” surrounding vaccine testing, production and storage.

However, recent news confirmed that 75% of all pediatric vaccines are unsafely stored. I want to say that a few times because it bears repeating.  A full SEVENTY- FIVE % of ALL PEDIATRIC VACCINES are STORED AT UNSAFE temperatures. Not only are vaccines stored at unsafe temperatures but expired vaccines are regularly injected into babies and toddlers.

You may be asking where this information comes from? No, not Generation Rescue, the NAA or ARI but the CDC themselves . So unless they are lying to make themselves look bad, a highly unlikely event, I think we can take them at their word here.

Hmmmm…now who is responsible for the fact that infant and toddler vaccines are unsafe? Jenny McCarthy? SafeMinds? Jenny and SafeMinds are regularly accused by vaccine makers of stirring up unnecessary worry about vaccines and engendering the health of our nation. They are also blamed for causing outbreaks of whooping cough and the measles. Hmmmm…I always found this interesting because almost all of the kids who get these diseases WERE indeed vaccinated against them. Yet still, somehow, Jenny McCarthy, magically, infected hundreds of vaccinated kids with the whooping cough and measles.

I am just throwing this out there, but could these whooping cough outbreaks be the result of the fact that SEVENTY- FIVE  %  of AMERICAN KIDS HAVE BEEN INJECTED WITH EXPIRED OR IMPROPERLY STORED VACCINES? But, for the sake of the argument, let’s get back to the conspiracy theory - autism Moms and Dads are responsible for disease outbreaks. Is Jenny McCarthy running your pediatricians’ office? Have you ever seen Jenny McCarthy working in the vaccine storage area? Maybe you have seen me, Lyn Redwood or Louise Habakus administering expired vaccines at pediatric practices or driving vaccine delivery trucks to doctor’s offices? If so, speak up.  

OK, so here we are. There are no rational explanations for the fact that SEVENTY-FIVE % of PEDIATRIC VACCINES ARE UNSAFE other than negligence and, I am guessing, arrogance. The CDC takes your kids for granted. They know 95% of infants are vaccinated and don’t need to work hard improving vaccine safety.

Pediatricians do not go into this field to get rich, nor do they have great hours or work with an easy clientele. Pediatricians really care about children and want their patients to be healthy. I think the problem is that pediatricians want to be physicians, not pharmacists. The current crowded and aggressive infant and vaccination schedule has forced already busy medical practices to become vaccine administration centers. Just imagine if you pharmacist also had to treat dozens of sick kids everyday. Disaster. That nice and neat medication storeroom would be a mess in no time.

Twenty years ago, babies were injected with about a dozen viruses prior to age 2. Today babies receive 38 vaccines/viruses before age 2. Clearly this insane increase in volume has compromised safety standards.

I was reading the CDC’s vaccine storage guidelines and wow are they complex! For example, the “MCV4 and MPSV4 meningococcal vaccines can easily be confused when stored in the same unit. However MPSV4 are supplied in 2 vials that must be mixed together BEFORE administration. Consider posting a reminder for your staff! ONLY use diliuent supplied by manufacturer to reconstitute vaccine…” Easy enough, right? 

“The Tetanus toxoid container vaccines are easily confused, increasing risk for error (no kidding). Vaccines exposed to temperature outside recommended range requires immediate corrective actions! Mark Do Not Use!” Well we know that isn’t happening.

“Gardasil and the flu vaccine must be delivered and correctly stored by pediatric practices within 48hrs of leaving vaccine facility.” Let’s be real. What are the chances everyone is following this directive? “Gardasil must be protected from light at all times!” Right. “Influenza products have different indications (ages, route). Storing multi products can be confusing and lead to staff error.” No kidding.  “The MMR-lyophililized vaccine must be stored between -58 degrees and 46 degrees BUT the dilient can only be stored at 35 to 46 degrees.” Good luck with that.

The CDC also recommends that pediatric practices own a half dozen different refrigerators, but NOT the “dorm mini-refrigerators” that I see at every pediatric practice. I mean the whole thing is crazy. We are talking about pediatric practices having to perform complicated vaccine administration laboratory-like experiments. These are busy human service medical centers, not MIT or CalTech. To make matter worse the CDC can’t wait to add more vaccines to the infant schedule. It is nuts. I envision the infant vaccination schedule like a glass of milk, filled to the rim and someone keeps pouring more and more and the milk into the glass, and milk is spilling all over the table and floor.

Disaster. Parents are worried about vaccine safety simply because vaccines are unsafe.

Katie Wright is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.

Posted by Age of Autism at June 28, 2012 at 5:45 AM in Katie Wright Permalink

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