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The Tale of the Sick Music Therapist

Posted Nov 07 2012 11:22am

Once upon a time there was a happy music therapist who carried her guitar and bag of instruments everywhere she went. Her favorite thing in the world was to make music with all of the children and adults that she worked with. She took pride in using her love of music to help people grow and feel at ease, and always became sad when, for whatever reason she was unable to have her music therapy sessions.

One day, the music therapist was finishing up an exciting day of meeting even more people that she could help with music when she started to have a headache. She went home and took good care of herself so that she would be able to make music with her friends again, but some evil germs had a different plan for her!

The poor music therapist woke up the next day with evil germs making her throat sore and her body hot. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to make music with her friends that day, so she stayed in bed and rested, hoping to feel better the next day.

However, those germs had their own plans! The music therapist was feeling better- she was able to get out of bed and to play her guitar a little, so surely she must be able to make music with her friends again!

But then the music therapist remembered hearing something very important from her doctor, “You must be symptom free for at least 24 hours before making music with people again!”

The happy music therapist was sad because it hadn’t been 24 hours since the germs had made her body all hot. She really wanted to make music and help people that day, but she knew that if she made them sick too, she wouldn’t be helping at all.

So the music therapist called the people that she was supposed to make music with that day and let them know that she would be staying home so that she wouldn’t give them her evil germs.

The next day, she had been fever free for over 24 hours, and so she grabbed her guitar and her bag of instruments and ran out the door to go make music with all of people that she loves to help.


Just a friendly reminder to stay away from friends when sick! Be symptom free for 24 hours before coming to therapy!

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