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The Supplement Graveyard

Posted Jan 18 2013 9:48pm
Some of my super smart Momma friends and I were chatting about our "supplement graveyard."  I didn't coin the term; but how funny (or tragic) that so many of us have them.  Ya know, that place in your cabinets where you store all those supplements that either 1. you tried and the immediate reaction scared you so much that you hid it away immediately; 2. tried and it may or may not have made improvements so you kept it in the protocol for awhile before retiring it to the shelf; or 3. bought it as the next best thing because somebody and then somebody's friend saw great results from it and you wanted to try it too; but when it arrived, you just couldn't bring yourself to rock the boat with it.  Am I right or what?!  Even more funny (and tragic) is that they are just hanging out on that shelf.  Dollars upon dollars.  How much do you think your graveyard is worth?  Or was worth considering probably half of the bottles are probably expired.

 Seriously, soooo many bottles.  I think I'll take a picture and show you.
 And, this is after a couple of moves and tons of "cleaning out".  Why don't I throw them away?  I guess because "what if" I need them or Hubby needs something, or if I get enough guts to try them again with Drew.  Chances are, if they've been in my cabinet for over two months, they're not going to get used.  I've probably moved on and something bigger and better has probably come along.

Well, that has happened again.  There is a supplement causing some stir.  I'd like to try it.  It may help with language processing, anxiety, attention, ya know, pretty much everything.  So, what are the chances it will really help?  I don't know.  A couple of friends who I really trust seem to like it.  Dare I??  Then, there is one other one.  Just a regular old supplement that I should have tried years ago; but again, was just too scared to rock the boat.  I really want to try it too.  If I do, am I going backwards?  Isn't the idea to NOT be on supplements?  Let the body do it's thing?  I think that's my problem with biomedical is that when you add one supplement, you have to add or take away something else to balance things.  And, trying to figure out what needs to be added or subtracted is like a dog chasing it's own tail. 

I talked to Hubby about one of them.  We might order it and all start it.  We'll judge how the two of us feel, then watch Drew very carefully for the next few days.  If nothing, I'll remove it and store it away in the graveyard.  If immediate negative, I may push through for a week.  If obvious improvements, I might keep it on  as one of the few that is a lifer.  We'll see.  And, after I trial it, I'll let you know how it goes.  Meanwhile, I'd love to hear what your "can't live without" supplement is for you or your kiddos.
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