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The shame of the autism community

Posted Nov 23 2010 4:20am

Sully wrote a post yesterday about how the so-called autism community that Safe Minds alleges it is part of is running blatantly antivax adverts in cinemas whilst ignoring autism related stories.

As counterpoint to that, I came across two stories in the online version of the Daily Mail yesterday with two supremely differing outcomes.

In story one , the Mail reports on the so-called ‘super-vaccination’ ie the 6 in 1 shot.

The ‘super-vaccination’ day will involve three injections to protect against measles, mumps, rubella, two forms of meningitis and bacteria that can cause pneumonia.

This post has 99 comments, mainly antivax and lots who try the emotive gambit of suggesting vaccines caused their childs autism.

My son was bright as a button, attentive and talking before MMR jab and I chose to give it to him thinking that the government must have researched it.. what a fool I was thinking that the MMR jab must be better than the threat of becominng sterile, blind, or brain damaged by the possible effects of mumps, measles or rubella. Instead within 3 months of the jab, my boy stopped talking, started flapping his arms and running on tip toes. He’s now nearly 7 and hasn’t said a word for about 5 and a half years.

and thats just one example, there are a lot more along those lines.

In the second story , last updated on the same day, the Mail reports on the story of one Nicole Wilson who was struck with Meningitis – a vaccine preventable disease.

Nicole survived — just — but, as a result of the disease, the once active teenager who loved gymnastics and dancing has lost both legs, most of her fingers, and the sight in one eye. She has also been left infertile.


more than 10 per cent of students have never even heard of the disease, while half don’t know if they’ve been vaccinated against it…

This story? Zero comments.

It is incredible to me how uncaring the ‘autism’ community has become, truly incredible.

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  3. Tony Bateson:
    All the same names I see. It's your comments that are the shame in all of this stuff. My daughter like many autistic kids was a beautiful child before she was ground down by ghastly stuff you and your frightful friends insist is so good for our children. The shame is entirely yours. Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.
  4. Kev:
    What ghastly stuff is that Tony? And hey, guess what? My autistic child was is and will be beautiful. You should get over your silly ideas and concentrate on improving your thoughts on your daughter.
  5. Erik:
    Kevin... I have an example where your silence came across as "uncaring." How about a little girl named Ashley Brock, who died not too long after Katie McKarren... but not from the hand of a distraught parent... but because she wandered off and drowned in a pool next to her house... like so many autistic children do. Where were you? Did you make a point to befriend the Brock family as you did the McKarren's? No, you didn't. Because it doesn't speak to your cause of neurodiversity. In fact, it's a case against neurodiversity. It supports the need for recovery. So when an extremely low number of people succumb to a "preventable" disease... and you don't hear a peep out of us... just keep your foot away from your mouth.

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