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The Safety of Vaccines is questioned.

Posted Feb 23 2011 12:00am
My heart- my passion in life has changed ultimately with children, with life, with every change that God brings. 
I can say without a doubt I would be a church going stay at home mom who loves her kids, takes them to church, provides for them what I can, and everything would be perfect....

Yet here I am in a family with a child who has Autism, because he was hurt by vaccines. You can't tell me that they are safe. It could happen to anyone. It's satan grabbing the hearts of our children. Call me weird, call me psycho, but I am the one that is fighting for my son. I am the one that has to teach my son, I am not asking for sympathy, I am asking for prayers for strength to get thru this- and prayers for my son to overcome this neurological condition that was caused by vaccines. Why are so many intelligent people so afraid of saying that Autism is caused by vaccines. It's common sense and staring them in the face with research to back it up -- yet they all say there is NO link...but there are plenty.

Obviously the thousands and thousands of children that have been affected just aren't good enough, and then the CDC chalks that up to "just being one of the unlucky ones" thats why there is a government compensation program. Thats why families are compensated...yet vaccines don't cause Autism. 

I really think that many medical doctors are taught in medical school to disregard any kind of connection to vaccines and reactions, because surely they would have been able to see the fevers, the diarrhea, the vomiting, the brain inflammation, and called it vaccine reaction , halted the production of vaccines, and deemed them unsafe....but they haven't- production is still going on, vaccines are still being administered, and everyday a child succumbs to Autism because of an unsafe vaccine.

Here is a photo of how much mercury is in the flu vaccines.

Here is a list of the vaccine schedule then and now.

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