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the parents do not have to buy d rose 3.5 for sale me a birthday cake

Posted Oct 16 2012 2:31am
I do not know when, I suddenly realized that a problem did not give me my parents had a birthday, yes me and my grandfather was born on the same day, in high school, I calculated the odds, really "good", the house in order hold our ground, that they know a person, and his grandfather were born in a day, I do not know this thing, and I have a half-penny, but they did give me to eat "reassurance" I am not because of your own home poverty try to blame the parents do not have to buy d rose 3.5 for sale me a birthday cake, I would like to say that even a "Happy Birthday" did not I say, I do not know what your house looks like, but I would like to ask the children of poor families your birthday whether parents will give you cook a bowl of longevity noodles and add eggs, (8-year-old before my dinner table, I only remember the noodles and pickles) the way to sing the first Happy Birthday? Yes, words I tearfully break out, sometimes I would think that God Why do you make fun of me, gave me such a big talent, I become lazy, and I want to know the truth, I just want to know the truth, "I am not their children, so I wanted a way, I jumped into their trap, and I want my students to win me, I find a few people, they are only moving derrick rose 2.5 for sale mouth , instead of how hard work of the people, so that they made contact with my classmates, and put itself into a very negative state, I know we do not have to do, give them enough, yes they do great for the whole to me basically what the words say out Early that day, I finally got what I want, and the whole thing has been money, I got those few some people at least, everyone gets hundreds of thousands of start I suspect inferred, I was wondering how someone with how a lot of money, is in order to fix me? But came the message of the one I'm looking for people to buy a house.
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