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The one where you got herpes, on your face

Posted Jan 02 2010 10:05pm

Just after Christmas Gavin woke up with his mouth covered in a rash. It looked a lot like an allergic reaction to something he ate or rubbed up against. The next day he woke up congested with a nose full of snot and a fever. I imagine trying to clean Gavin’s nose is a lot like trying to wrestling an alligator and trying to take it home in your pocket after you catch it. Any time a tissue gets near Gavin he goes psychotic. The other day I seriously thought he was possessed with all of his flailing, screetching,  and all that green stuff spewing from orifices. Its not pretty. His nose gets so stuffed up with boogies it starts bleeding. Its so irritated it hurts him to even touch it now.

Over the passed week the skin rash mixed with Gavin’s constant nose wiping with sleeves has turned into a hot mess. At one point he had so many green oozing spots it looked like a bad case of herpes. Its gotten a lot better over the last few days. However he now has what looks like a cold sore growing in the corner of his mouth and a big zit looking thing above his lip. Its also just red and raw. I feel bad for the kid. I have to keep doing surgery on his nose to remove the boogers so his nose isn’t so irrated and maybe, just maybe, he will stop rubbing the area.

He has to go back to school on Monday and I am not sure I want to send him. His face is so gross right now only a mother could love him….(but I kinda don’t want to touch him. I mean I don’t want to end up with herpes).


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