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The Meeting Before the Meeting About the Next Meeting

Posted Mar 19 2013 8:45pm
Yep, you guessed it: IEP season is upon us. In fact, it has taken us by storm. And when I say "storm", I mean "seized by the throat and shaken vigorously in a tornado about to crash into a tsunami."

I told our new case manager that our IEP meetings tend to take about 3 hours. She didn't believe me. We're scheduled for an hour and 45 minutes. I have people hired to come to this meeting, and I do not want to have to have a continuance and try to coordinate these people again. Fortunately, they are there for a single purpose: the get Joey's placement right. And that is just one facet of an IEP meeting. Hence, I want to have our ducks in a row for the other stuff, like goals and accommodations. I want those all drafted and ready, so we don't have to have a long discussion about them that takes, say, an hour and a half.

Or maybe I do. Then I can just pop up and say, "And your school can't do all this, so here's a form to sign to send him to Awesome New School. Sign here. Thanks. Have a great day!" And the school folks would sign it and we would merrily be ready for next year.

Like that would ever happen.

What this means is that we- being the teachers who actually care about Joey- and I are trying to work in time to get the goals and accommodations hammered out properly. Or at all. I think its time for an independent educational eval, so we get a better look at Joey's education as a package- and have a clearer view of where he is, where he should be, and what skills he may need support with- including gifted support. We definitely need some notion of what needs to be in this IEP- its for Middle School, and I want everything spelled out exactly. IF we get stuck in the school, this will be a whole new world of people, a whole new culture with a whole new attitude toward accommodation. It is important that we leave nothing vague, no guesswork, no "well, I know what you mean by that, we can fiddle". They don't know Joey. They don't know me. And I am not a whit convinced they know what they are doing or getting into.

So we're having a meeting, to start hashing. Right before the meeting where we work out the ESY. Then we have the Big Meeting next week.

I think I really need a nap. But I have a meeting to go to.
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