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The MA State Senate: Please Stop Painful Electric Shocks on Students at JRC in Massachusetts!

Posted Apr 30 2012 3:03pm 1 Comment

A petition is hosted on The MA State Senate: Please Stop Painful Electric Shocks on Students at JRC in Massachusetts! The Judge Rotenberg Center uses electric shocks as part of their program for some of the students in their care. The JRC is not allowed to use these aversives on new students, but still continues with students whose programs included them before the order (see Left Brain/Right Brain story: Judge Rotenberg Center banned from shocking new admissions )

The petition was created by a former JRC employee.

Hi, my name is Gregory Miller. I used to work at a school in Massachusetts named The Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) where we used powerfully painful electric shock devices (45 – 91 milliamps, at 66 volts) on students to control their behaviors. These devices are much stronger than police stun guns (1-4 milliamps). Unlike stun guns, the electrodes most commonly used at school are spaced 3 – 4 inches apart so that the electrical volts passing through the flesh create the maximum amount of pain with those amps and volts. The United Nations is aware of JRC, has called these shocks at JRC “torture”, and says that “The prohibition of torture is absolute.” Please see the attached video of a student named Andre getting shocked at JRC, covered by Fox News.

Historically, the JRC has been very careful about what information is allowed to be seen by outsiders. Case in point, the video included in the court case which is reported in the video Mr. Miller references (and embedded below). The JRC fought to keep that video from being used in court (see Left Brain/Right Brain story Judge Rotenberg Center: Teen tied and shocked for hours; mom calls it “torture” ).

Here is the news video mentioned above. Be forwarned: it is painful to watch. Nothing like what Andre McCollins had to go through.

Mr. McCollins was strapped down, face down, and repeatedly shocked while screaming repeatedly “no” and “help me”.

You can hear the attorney say, “that was shock number 16 or 17, out of 31 that day”. You can see the JRC attorney explaining that “the treatment plan was followed”. Is that really justification for what went on? Not for me. At about 2:10 into the video, you can see him shocked again while at a workstation. The shocks have been called equivalent to a bee sting by JRC personnel. That doesn’t seem like an accurate description to what happened to Mr. mcCollins.

  1. Julian Frost:
    "Equivalent to a bee sting". I've been stung by bees. My sister stood on a dead one as a child and still got stung. Bee stings are no joke. Having said that, this is unconscionable.

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I cannot even believe these people are not in jail. This is beyound cruel and unusual punishment. It is torture. If I were a parent there I would not stop until all of them rotted in jail. It is sick and twisted. Unbelievable. Has Hitler been reincarnated in MA? You can hear them screaming in pain while they are being tortured. This is not therapy and anyone who thinks it is has perhaps studied under a serial killer or a complete psychopath with a God complex. The president needs to step in immediately and put a stop to this. These people are criminals...sick twisted criminals and that is all they are. It reminds me of a case that two parents, who consequently are in jail as we speak, were using a shock collar on their own child. This is beyound evil. It is causing irreverseable damage that would traumatize anyone for life. Anyone who thinks electricuting someone is therapy needs to be electricuted. I am appalled, disgusted, grieved and shocked; not only that anyone could be so cruel to do that to another human being and listen to them reeling in pain, but to be demonic enough to call it therapy. Any smart lawyer would jump on this band wagon because these people will be paying out their noses until their grandchildren are dead. God help the person who thinks that they could ever do that to one of my family members and not pay for such a completely evil act against another human being. They took paddling out of schools in Ohio because it was too barbaric and they think torturing someone isn't. Why even call it shocking? Let's call it what it is. Is electricty not used as a primary form of torture through out the world at times of war?? Do they not use electricity to kill people??? I have been electricuted and it was traumatic and extremely painful.  I think all of those people need to go through what they have put other people through and then lets ask them how theraputic it was??? What the heck is wrong with this country. Those people are the ones that are insane...lock them up and throw away the key.
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