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The Hope Diamond

Posted Jan 02 2010 6:14pm
I'm Baaaaaack..... if anyone is still here.... *wink wink*

The Hiatus is officially over. Says me.
Please, contain yourselves. I KNOW how deeply everyone missed the profound musings of my blog.

So, here's what's gone down in the weeks since I've abandoned you.

Finish building new home: CHECK.

Packed up family of 6 for SECOND time in a 4 month period and moved into said new home: CHECK.

Unpacked, decorated, shopped, entertained for the Holidays in the 18 days between moving day and Christmas: CHECK.

Whole family get sick: CHECK.

Get 20 inches of snow weekend of all family Christmas parties and couldn't leave the house for over 48 hours: CHECK.

Blow out tire while starting a 90 mile journey home with mini van full of kids at 9:00 pm: Yeah. That would be another CHECK.

Executed said Christmas without my husband and I killing each other: SORTA CHECK.

Rella get a black eye right in time for Family Christmas Party: CLUNK.

Gained 9 pounds: DOUBLE CHECK.

Well, the good news is that we closed on our house and moved, changed school districts and addresses, and had a nice holiday. We're IN. Life is quasi-returning to normal and blogging shall resume (looooong sigh.....)

The most important thing is that I got my picture of all four girls in front of the tree. This is always a failure every stinking year, but somehow we pulled it off.
Oh, I'm SOOOO happy about this, you have no idea!

New Years Eve this year found us breaking tradition with the usual modus operandi (tucked into bed in pjs watching the a*holes in time square freeze their fannies off on T.V. and falling asleep before the ball drops). A good friend got married New Years Eve and so we partied like rock stars at the wedding reception until 12:30 am! I know. Unbelievable.

It was pretty cool to see our old friends up in Northern Jersey. I even splurged on a cute new cocktail dress and red pointy toed stilettos and felt like a totally hussy. Which is only a good thing when you spend your life covered in barf and pooh, clad in jeans and sweatshirts. For some reason my boobs look big in this picture but trust me, they're not (not that you were lookin'... but of course now you are).

Unfortunately, The New Year wasn't looking like it would be off to a good start. When I awoke the next morning I gasped at the realization that I lost my 1-carat diamond earring at some point the night prior - a gift I received from my in-laws after I completed my doctorate degree several years ago. I was worried this was a bad omen to lose such a priceless, special thing at the start of a New Year. Especially after such a stressful end to 2009 and a series of mishaps and nonsense that has followed us for months like a black cloud of spirit-leaching locusts.

But then, under the most unlikely of circumstances, when all was bleak and we'd given up...

the earring was found. Tiny, bent up, but brilliant amongst the loose gravel of a driveway. Where it should have never been seen, but it was.

And that, I thought, might just be the theme for 2010. Finding the thing which I thought was lost. Finding hope.
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