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The handset mobile power pack replaced become the charger

Posted Dec 27 2012 6:59am
Community of science and technology in the development of mobile phone battery technology and no new breakthrough, which led to phone mobile power the majority of consumers will become one of the essential goods. Today, more and more community information needs, the number of mobile phone as the most personal of information exchange tools around us, we use every day it very much. There are other digital products, such as Tablet PC, MP4, e-books. Indirect digital products battery under great pressure, we are the most commonly used mobile phones, for instance, its battery capacity is generally in about fifteen hundred, are now unable to meet our needs, into that we have to carry a large number of The charger is is usb power pack cumbersome not said, if there is no place to charge the charger is useless, really annoying. Fortunately, there are now mobile phone mobile power, it has several times larger than the battery capacity to meet our electricity demand. Mobile power our lives with convenience. Phone functionality and performance are more and more powerful, and some are more powerful than the computers we used ten years ago, we can sometimes use it to complete the daily office, and really give us a lot of convenience, but it features the powerful, the power consumption to grow exponentially. Sometimes we have to charge the phone every day. Phone business people the most important communication tool, if the battery died, will inevitably affect the business, whether the business people and the general public mobile power pack consumers have the necessary equipped with a mobile power, so that a wide range of chargers eliminated, instead it the mobile power.
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