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The Far Right's Mistrust of Government Prevents a Rush (Limbaugh) to H1N1 Vax?

Posted Oct 08 2009 12:00am

Rush Click here for the full text from Rush Limbaugh today:

...And now you've got Kathleen Sebelius saying you must take the pig flu vaccine, you must take it.  Screw you, Mrs. Sebelius, I am not going to take it precisely because you're now telling me I must.  It's not your role, it's not your responsibility, and you do not have that power.  I don't want to take your vaccine.  I don't get flu shots.  I'm not going to mess around with them.  "You must," she says.  And then Napolitano over at Homeland Security, she's told Joe Arpaio to stop it.  You can't conduct raids to find illegals.  If an illegal happens to make himself available as an illegal, Arpaio could do something about it, but the raids have gotta stop. 

So we cannot have raids to find lawbreakers.  We are going to have all kinds of mess here with Sebelius saying you must take the pig flu vaccine.  No, we don't.  How are they going to make me take it, Snerdley?  Wait 'til they get control of my health care?  That's not going to happen 'til 2013.  Sebelius is saying today, you gonna take it.  How are they going to make me take it if I refuse to take it?  What is this, you must take it?  Who the hell do these people think they are?  You must take it?  You know, I'm a contrarian, I'm a nonconformist, you have some idiot government official telling me I must take this vaccine?  I'll never take it. 

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