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The fabulous mr Luca (the making of)

Posted Dec 12 2009 12:00am
This isn’t so much a blog but its a little insight to the fabulous Mr Luca .9 years ago, Ky arrived into the world, all 7lb 6 and half ounces of her, I love her unconditionally and with all i have in me and i thank her dearly for helping me change my mind about having more kids. After Ky was born, she was really hard work, then she turned 2, nightmare, then she turned 4, she became easier but complicated and odd. Ky always expressed her wishes for a brother or sister, my answer, not a hope in hell, as Ky had me worn out through and through.

Persistence is one of Ky's strongest points, thank god for that, the more she asked the more i started to think and realise that maybe i had one more in me. You see pregnancy does not come easy to me, it takes planning and fertility help. I asked my doctor for chlomid and my self and my husband decided to give it a go, what the hell, we survived Ky, we’ll survive anything. Ky took a long time to come into our lives, at one point we taught she might never arrive :((, 4 years later a positive pregnancy test and 2 over the moon soon to be parents.

Considering Ky took that long i taught to my self, it will take that long again, maybe a year earlier if we are lucky. I was working in a wonderful job, I loved every day of work, I loved the children I worked with. After years of working with typical children I ventured into the wonderful world of special needs children. This was it; my job for life, my ambition was to become a fully qualified ABA tutor, study psychology, child Psychology and counselling for parents of special needs children, yes i found my way into my future career with a pit stop for a new baby in a few years time.

3 months after taking the chlomid i started feeling unwell, i was dizzy, tired, sore, felt strange. I bet i have a kidney infection; I better stop taking all medications and ask the doc for a prescription. I stopped taking all my meds (eltroxin for an under active thyroid and my chlomid) of coarse I was far too busy to go see doctor so I drank cranberry juice, yes that worked but what was that twinge in my side, that annoying stabbing pain?? Ok I think I need the doctor. My mum was up visiting me, she said, Maddie have you done a pregnancy test, well I laughed, no sure I stopped taking the chlomid. As I was driving past the chemist my mum demanded I pull in and buy a test. Curiosity and slagging between me and my mum got the better of me, so I went home and done the test, WHAT its said I’m pregnant, how is that possible, I stopped taking meds, we stopped trying and had decided to put it on hold for a year as I was loving my job and things were really good right now, how is this possible??

I was really excited but I couldn’t get my head round it, in work the next day again that funny pain in my side, what the hell was that pain, I went to my doctor, explained I was pregnant, checked my urine, no infection, but then what was that stupid pain that was starting to get worse, oh dear, yes it was that pain, a miscarriage type pain, off home to bed for me. It hit home, that’s why i couldn’t get my head round it, I think I knew something was wrong, I think I knew things were not right, I didn’t feel pregnant, I didn’t feel anything but pain. As I lay in bed day after day, I kept saying, baby I don’t care what’s the reason you want outta there is but I promise if you stay put I’ll love you no matter what way you come outta there, hang in there baby, see this happened once b4 and it was not happening to me again. Ky came up and lay beside me on the bed, mum why are you so sick that you can’t get out of bed, anyway mum she said, I really want a baby brother or sister, with those words my heart sank, oh my god, so did I, so badly.

Right that was it, baby you’re staying put, you are not allowed go anywhere, your mine for the keeping. After a few weeks of lying in bed (really hard for a hyper in control woman to do I tell ya) I started feeling a bit sick, wow this is morning sickness, I craved a McDonalds, I felt a lot better, the pain had shifted. I rang my doctor, great news but keep your ass in bed, ok ok, I stayed in bed, it killed me but it was for my baby. I decided there and then that this child was a boy, I don’t know why but it was a boy. The glorious 12th week approached, yes we made it, I’m pregnant and doing fine.
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