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The fabulous Mr Luca part 3 (what ever will be will be)

Posted Aug 14 2010 8:52am
To hell with the worrying, I was pregnant and proud of it. I refused to spend the rest of my pregnancy crying, wondering what if, blaming myself, blaming others, I was pregnant and I had a strong healthy baby inside of me kicking every organ its foot could reach. Planning, decorating and nesting took over, I was a freak, I turned to bleach like it was my best friend, my house smelled like a swimming pool, yuck! McDonalds, I almost had shares in the place, my god my baby could have placed his own order for a quarter pounder with cheese.

We went for our 3d scan, look at my perfect baby BOY, yes he was a boy, I knew it, DH and Ky a little bit bummed it wasn’t a girl, I thanked the lord it was not a girl as my girl was more than enough for me. He looked exactly like his sister, her double, the nurse woke him up by wiggling my belly, oh he was a boy all right, where did his teeny tiny hand go, straight down to his nuts for a scratch, I swear to god, I have the video evidence to prove it, yes people their nut scratchers from conception.

I was just over joyed, straight to ahem McDonalds then off to Debenhams, I had some serious shopping to do, Jasper Conrhan, Rocha little Rocha, I emptied the store, the child was clothed well past his 2nd birthday, only the best will do for my wee man.

And now the bitter argument for a name began, Ryli, No, Keenan, No, Logan, No, Brandon, No, grrrrr why do men have to have a say in a babies name. My sister to the rescue, yes people my son is named after her man crush on some Dr in ER, Luca she said, well now I like that, he liked it too, Luca it was.

Both my sister and my brother James came to my hospital visit with me, we would do lunch in the Italian Connection on Talbot Street on the way home, they really only came for the lunch. As Luca grew he crucified me, you see Ky’s delivery was no picnic and she left me in tatters. I remember the Dr saying your baby is transverse, WHAT, he’s lying sideways. OK what does that mean, well a section could be ruled in, WHAT no way, well you cant deliver him sideways, WHAT you see I’m terrified of birth, I forgot all about that fact, the doctor was so funny, he kept saying should we schedule a section, no, shall we try turn him, no, well what shall we do, I don’t know, you have to give birth to him my dear, oh god, I forgot all about that part.

Eventually we agreed on a section, after a lot of detail and coaxing from my friend Fiona who had 2 previous. I remember the doctor in the Rotunda saying to me, don’t worry I’ll look after you. I was soooo scared, the flash backs of Ky’s delivery running through my head, they even offered to knock me out completely under the section, I said no way. He scheduled me for July 28th; yes I like the sound of that, that’s a great day (but why?) I told my brother the date, i said what do you think, he laughed at me, WHAT he said, that’s my birthday, OMG I’m sorry , do you mind sharing the day or will I change it, no keep it he said, I like it.

July 28th came, oh did i shit myself, the doc was late, The anaesthesiast put I’m my epidural, I fainted onto the bed, panic, I’m ok, I always do this with local anaesthetic, panic over, doctor was LATE. Eventually doc came, can u feel this, WHAT were good to go. Within minutes it was done, he was here, I looked at him, he didn’t make a sound, they had to make him cry and do something with him, he was a bit sleepy, then there it was, screams, my 5lb 6oz baby boy was here, oh my god, so tiny, so perfect, he stared right up at me, I held him (with help) then they gave him to DH while I went into recovery.

It was the longest hour of my life, I want to get to my baby, the nurse was lovely, he was Spanish, I was so whacked up on morphine I was talking all sorts of shite. Yay time to go see my men, make my phone calls, get ready for the visitors, my baby boy was safe and well and giving it welly, boy could he scream.

Posted by coolkid at 11:18 AM


Dougal said...

Aw Mandie, what a fantastic journey. You have a fantastic way with words hun



December 12, 2009 1:15 PM

Anonymous said...

a real rollercoaster ride mandie! xxx

December 14, 2009 12:53 PM

Anonymous said...

Yep, it sure was. Left you a comment, a bit of a cross one as I have underactive thyroid too and was NEVER told any of that stuff. Why can't they just tell us? Anyway, well done Mrs, will go back and leave a happier comment when I have a cooler head on me :D

December 14, 2009 12:53 PM

Anonymous said...

Kyra Mania lovely its very very good, and awsome, very cool.

i loved it. the fact that i got a baby boy

2 minutes ago

December 14, 2009 2:39 PM

Anonymous said...

oh he was just so tiny, and so dark and quiet

he made me broody for a while and i was cursing you hahaha

A xx
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