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The Delicate Art of Session Planning

Posted Oct 23 2012 2:05pm

Guilty confession time. When it comes to music therapy sessions, I am a minimal planner.

But don’t get me wrong! I put a lot of time and thought into the interventions that I provide for my clients. I have it all laid out in my head, but often in therapy, that goes completely out the window.

In the past few months, I’ve begun work with some kiddos who are forcing me to break my own habits because they need to know their therapy schedule in order to be successful. It has really put behavior changes into perspective for me. The things that we ask our clients to do are not easy.

I started out by making the schedule and putting it on a dry erase board 10-15 minutes before they arrived for session.

After a few weeks of that, I found myself creating schedules that morning during my planning time.

Now, I’m creating schedules a whole day (and change) in advance! I know that many of my colleagues are super planners who plan out entire weeks, but this is a huge advancement for me!

What I find really cool about this? The fact that my clients need for a schedule, and my generally spontaneous nature, are blending to where they have begun to expect me to stray from the schedule- and that they are okay with that.

In therapy, we try to gradually decrease the level of assistance provided until the client can perform the task independently. Often this is a very planned and scheduled weaning of support, but in this instance, two personality types are meeting to achieve this naturally.

In what ways do you compliment another person? I’d love to hear if you have a similar story to this, whether it be with a client, child, friend, or family member!

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