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The Cross I Have To Bear

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:29am
Here's a joke that is not even funny:
Why did the B cross the road?
Because his mom works now and cannot take him to drum lesson so he is walking there with two other friends. Crossing Route 9 which is actually an intrastate. It has lights and a crossing guard at 2:20 in our town (when school lets out) but, but but but


I had just decided the other day that perhaps Ben could start to walk home on his own. I told him I would get him a key and a cell phone. The fact that he was not all wowed over the cell told me that he really was ready. But I was just talking about High Street, which is bad enough!

But Route 9?????????

I had bad dreams last night. Up at 4:30 thinking, "How come I can't let my sons grow the F up? Why does every GD thing about those boys have to be so hard?" (I swear a lot in the wee hours).

Clapton had it wrong. It should have been: "Why does love got to be so hard?" Love is not sad.
But who wants to quote Jay Geils?
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