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The bandwagon slowly starts rolling..

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:00am
So since I have come here (March 29th), Khaled has gone on the following waitlists (and counting)
- Peel IBI therapy wait list (4 years long)
- Developmental pediatrician wait list (1 year long)
- Peel Speech Therapy wait list (2 years long)
- Special needs resource teacher wait list (not sure how long)

The wait lists I may be going on in the coming weeks
- Special services at home funding wait list (probably will be rejected)
- DAN doctor wait list (not sure how long)

Stuff that is sort of hanging and needs to be done
- Khaled's ADOS, ADI-R
- Khaleds psych-educational assessment

On a brighter note, the senior therapist who will head up our home therapy program visited us today. Did not know what to make of her. I am used to people like her because I have spent all this time in England (she was English). Professional and to the point. No frilly bits. I mean do we need someone really warm and cuddly or someone who knows what to do and will just do it right? Both would have been nice. The coming weeks will tell me how she is getting on with Khaled and how he is responding to her.

Some of the issues I have to deal with before starting therapy
- advertise for, interview and hire decent junior therapists (I don't know why these guys should be called Junior since they do all the work and are really the ones who need to be excellent)
- figure out where to do therapy. Current settings pose a problem because we are in the basement. It is a one room small basement and the rest of the house is more attractive for Khaled so he seems to want to wander round. Which is fine but therapists may end up having to compete with other family members for his attention, which will make things very hard because he loves everyone else in this house.

Need to think about moving as soon as possible.

Other issues not related to therapy

- get a car
- find a place to live
- set up place to live
- find other humans to socialize with (never an easy task, especially now)
- brave the highways. I hate going faster than 50 mph. I am scared.
- stop all the pity eating

Some people have said to me, well Khaled is the same boy he was a couple of months ago, why are you freaking out so much, take one step at a time and do all the things you were doing before.

Let me break this down. A few months ago, I was training for the Paris Marathon, Khaled was in Montessori, and I was getting my Personal Trainer certification and thinking of starting my own business. We didn't have a clue that Khaled may be Autistic.

IT IS NOT the same now. Khaled IS Autistic. He most certainly IS a different boy than he was a few months ago. He is different to us. We have changed the way we are around him. Our life has changed to fit around his special needs in a way that no parent of a typical child can ever imagine. I am not running a marathon. I am not going to be starting my own business. I will be starting a home tutoring program. I have moved to another country and every minute of every day I feel I am lagging behind, wasting Khaled's precious time, regretting why I did not see this a year ago and so on and so forth.

Things are definitely NOT the way they were a few months ago. There is an urgency and purpose in life that was never there before. Perspective is everything and ours has gone through monumental changes.

To brighten up this post, here is a picture of my sweet little boy being very gentle with his baby cousin. Love her expression!

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