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The art of nose blowing!

Posted Nov 17 2008 6:15pm
Nose blowing.
Jen mentioned nose blowing and I have see this around a few blog as for many autistic children this is a tricky art to learn.
If you don’t have an autistic child you may want to skip the next paragraph and see if you have the correct nasal etiquette below.
C at the tender age of 19 has not mastered it. Over the years he has done all manner of things like using me as a tissue, not to mention his clothes the furniture etc. Nose picking he has down to a fine art. But blowing still eludes him. (He also cant blow out of his mouth. Which apparently is the first step to blowing throw ones nose!) He has recently found if he shakes his head vigorously that….well I will let you visualise that one.

Apparently Most children are developmentally able to learn to blow their noses by around age 2 — some even earlier. Of course, whether or not your child is interested at that point is another matter.

As I don’t have any autistic nose blowing advice I thought I would hand this one over to you………….

For the rest of you out there did you know about;

Nasal Etiquette - A short guide to nose manners.
You should keep your nose clear of debris at all times. It is terribly impolite to wander around sniffing all the time. Worse, if your sinuses become blocked, you will be unable to breathe while eating or kissing and may embarrass yourself and any others that may be with you. Blockage can also cause sinusitis, commonly known as a sinus infection.
Wh en blowing your nose--in order to remain polite--please make certain that you use a tissue handkerchief, or bandanna. Blow gently into the tissue while holding one nostril closed, or while alternating nostrils. Do not hold one nostril closed with a finger and blow out into space until your sinus is clear. This is called harking and is considered in terrible taste. It is very rude to leave things from your nose for others to step on. Also, inserting your finger into a nostril at any time is considered rude. For those of you who think you are alone when driving in traffic and feel that would be a good time to go for a dig: We can see you! You know who you are
Proper use of the tissue is important. Fold your tissue carefully after blowing your nose, be sure to wipe away any mucous that may have collected around your nostrils. Also, be certain to look in the mirror after doing this. Nothing is more repellent than seeing someone return from the bathroom with a glistening green friend freshly planted on their upper lip, stuck in a moustache or beard, or worse yet, dangling from an errant nose hair. Remove all traces of your activity before appearing before people.
There are some people who constantly scratch or rub at the base of their nose to dislodge dried nose particles. They think they are clever and look like they are scratching an itch and that others are oblivious to their semi passive nose picking. To those of you who do this: We know what you are doing! Do you think we're totally ignorant?
Nose appearance
Nose hairs are, in all cases, unsightly blemishes on an otherwise pleasant nose. You should keep your hairs trimmed so as not to make others uncomfortable. A good rule of thumb is: If you can see them, so can everyone else.
It is considered highly improper to use your nose as a spoon rack. Some people enjoy sticking spoons to their noses in restaurants. What they do not typically know is that there are roving bands of spoon thieves in various parts of the world, and if one happens to steal the spoon your nose is attached to you will spend the remainder of your life with two hideous holes in the front of your face. If you wish to continue to have a nose with which to be polite, please ceases this activity before it's too late!
Important: If you have a large nose, please do not get it pierced. This will only accentuate the size of your nose and make you look clownish. If this still does not deter you, be certain to get lots of other facial piercing and tattoos in order to offset your enormous nose.
Using your nose to hum is quite acceptable, in most circumstances. It is generally considered impolite, however, to hum while you have a cold. You might drip and soil your clothing.
Breathing through your nose is always considered polite. Breathing through your mouth all the time makes you look oafish and leaves you open to drooling. Drool is, unfortunately, outside the scope of this node.
In general use your best judgement. If you are doing something with your nose that would offend you if you saw someone else doing it, you should probably alter your behaviour.
So now you knows!
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