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Tests, Tests, and More Tests

Posted Jun 09 2009 12:00am
We started the week with a load of tests for Drew. These are tests that Dr. Bradstreet ordered. We collected two urine samples, one stool, and we'll be going on Thur do to another blood draw. He had to come off his vitamins and minerals for these tests; and oddly, he also had to come off of pears (along with a few other fruits). We are becomming old pros at this testing stuff. I don't even know if I can count them all. Hopefully, we're on a better track now and won't be needing too many more.

Tests for this week:

CDSA 2.0
French Lab Test
Anne Connolly Blood Test along with ammonia, lactic acid, and carnitine. (can't find a link)

This will be our second lab test sent to France. The first one showed levels of mercury that Dr. Bradstreet said, "the markers are as if he is sitting around drinking mercury and lead". NICE. This time, the test that we're getting is to indicate brain inflammation due to immunologic markers. I believe the Anne Connolly blood test will indicate similar things. The "ONE" test will again show which nutrients are being absorbed and recommendations for further supplementation. The CDSA test should indicate once again the clostridia levels.

We will be starting our tomorrow. This is a mega probiotic that will hopefully knock out Drew's clostridia without having to go a harsher route. I'm excited to see what happens with these. When I increased Drew's probiotic in the past, we saw better eye contact and focus. Then, we started that terrible anti-fungal and lost it. Hopefully, it will come back again.

A few days later, we'll be starting our homeopathy kit.

The pic was taken from my cell but I was floored by the amount of "stuff"!!! Hope it works, it wasn't cheap. Each item has a specific purpose be it to support the liver, kidneys, immune system, gut (yeast, bacteria), detox, or to help with emotional, calming, and sleep support. I cannot wait to try the sleep support!! I'm going to have to put together an excel spreadsheet to figure this new regime out!

And, finally, after we've worked through any die off from the new probiotic, get the schedule down for the homeopathy kit, we are going to add Galantamine.

Hubby isn't exactly pleased with the order of things; but I'm just jumping out of my chair to start homeopathy. The box is burning a whole in my pantry (and already burnt one in my wallet). But, to compromise, we will begin the VSL first.

Updates and notes: Drew is back on Nu-Thera today, MB-12 today, and back on regular supps. ABA is going OK. Nothing spectacular...hoping for a change in some of the individual programs. He is stimming less (spinning, flapping, wheels); but is less focused and much less attentive. He is responding to his name less as well. I'm hoping this was due to taking him off of some of his supps. Fortunately, the babbling is still pretty steady. He is still babbling with intent...and trying to give us the "kiki" sound for Cookie. sort of.

We are not rotating the diet strictly on a day to day basis...just being sure to not over do one of the few foods in each category. Currently, the "rotation" is as follows: Fruit- pears, mango, apples, bananas (more pears than anything else); Juice- pear, mango, blueberry/cranberry; Meat- turkey, chicken, beef; Veggies- green beans, peas, zucchini/squash, avocado; Baked Goods- almond, pecan, coconut; combined into other foods- spinach, broccoli sprouts, carrots, blueberries. Note- Most baked goods contain eggs. Only the pecan bread is eggless. I'm going to make an eggless almond bread to add to the list next time.

Coming soon: My favorite recipes so far.

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