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Tayto Louboutins... Imagine That!

Posted Dec 16 2009 12:00am

Imagination... its something that has been said is lacking in our children but is something that I have noticed Munchkin does have. Perhaps the countless hours of play therapy I did with her from pre diagnosis days has paid off. It is still something that the SLT said was a problem at her last assessment as she doesn't appropriately play with the toys, ie. she can spend ages setting out a play tea set, but doesn't pretend to feed dolls etc... when she is given toys at SLT she will organise them, tell you what they are, set them out etc., but peers her age will apparently play with them differently. She has an interest in toys and has for a long time, but her attention span can be compared to a goldfish with Alzheimer's at times, preferring to flit from activity to activity, leaving a trail of scattered toys and objects in her path... But she does like toys.

From an early age, Munchkin developed a passion for jigsaws. Strangely though, she never liked to look at the box to see what she was supposed to be making, preferring to work out the picture herself. It was the one thing that could keep her attention for prolonged periods. We started with the usual 2 piece ones and now at 3years and 3months of age, she will happily do 35 piece puzzles. The smaller ones she has now started doing upside down. We have a shelf full of boxes and bags of jigsaws in the kitchen, where if the opportunity arises, she will scale the counter to reach them! Unfortunately, we have a jigsaw munching dog who likes to chew them up so most of our puzzles are missing a piece or if the dog was in a particularly funny humour... the box!

Her love of jigsaws is so strong, that when introduced to them on the computer, mastered the art of dragging and dropping with the mouse to complete them... Only yesterday, when the mouse was missing, she figured out how to use the touch pad on the laptop! She never ceases to amaze me...

When I look at her playing these days, I see a little girls imagination growing and developing. I listen to her "talking" for her toys and realise that she is acting out scenes which she sees at home. I just hope she doesn't act out the fights the Gruesome Twosome have, as social services will be down to check us out ha ha. Can imagination be learned? I'm pretty sure I never taught her to put empty crisp packets on her feet like she did earlier. When I asked what she was doing, she replied "like a shoe." I know that it wasn't what I asked but was blown away by her imagination...
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