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Talking- and they listen

Posted Nov 29 2011 8:01pm
Today I had the opportunity to go to several people within the military health care system, - not the Important ones that make a break policy- but those that help get the paperwork done.

I had the opportunity to tell Isaac's story about how he was given 10 doses of vaccines at once, and how he has been treated by the military doctors.

I had  opportunity to file a grievance form and now we are waiting to see if it will be approved.
 The facts are : we just don't trust the military with our care anymore- for Isaac. We really don't trust them for any of our kids.

When it comes to a doctor- you really don't need one unless things are dire.
We have the Internet now- we have people that can help us- we have homeopathy and natural medicine.
We don't need doctors who are in the business of keeping people in their realm to allow them to keep working and raking in money.

Doctors should be there to help people, not turn them away- , which is what has been the case for us.

So if this grievance form gets denied- which means we have to go back to the military health care for Isaac, and we can't switch to standard because we just don't have the extra money right now to pay for the co-pays- and for the 1,000 dollars that it will cost for his care this year.-

We will have to go back to an MTF - we have an appointment for next Tuesday with a Dr, that is supposed to be really good with kids with Autism. Maybe I can talk to her explain what I explained to two other individuals today.

It felt good to talk to someone who had NO clue as to what happened to Isaac, and then when I told them what we are trying to do to help him, they seemed convinced that I was doing the right thing for my son.

SO why aren't doctors convinced? Why do they turn us away? By They- I mean other moms and dads who are doing the same thing- trying to do the same thing- recover their child from Autism.

I did find out some good news today that the Dr we want to see in Fredricksburg is actually in the network - which means we can get a referral. I just don't know how to do it- since she is a regular pediatrician.
I am in the process of finding that out.

When I did get to speak to the Patient Advocate today and I told her what happened to Isaac, she said that I need to file a congressional. I really have no idea what a congressional is, and I looked it up- but it looks like some kind of complaint system against the government.

If it will help policy to change in the military health care system, I am all for it- but if its just another way to jerk me around, I don't want anything to do with it.
I have some research to do when it comes to finding out just what a congressional is.

On another note- I was able to speak with a systems navigator for the Army- and she helped me write out some goals that I need to accomplish in order for things to start working smoothly for Isaac in the medical areas that we are dealing with right now.

I was glad that she listened to me, and I was glad that she could help me, I didn't feel so alone. One thing she did mention to me was that there weren't other moms around that want CHANGE in the health care system, and way s to advocate for vaccine injury detection. This is something I want, but I have no clue as to how to go about it.

I don't want to end up in the principles office, trying to stir up trouble, but I want things to be fair- and they definitively aren't fair for those that want vaccine safety int he hospital on base.

Its not right to have a one sided conversation- and not reveal the truth to those that have no clue whats in a vaccine- and what mercury can do to the body, especially a new born a baby.

Things need to change. I want to be a a part  of it.

I called the vaccine information center today- and I discussed what had happened to my son- they offered no help- other than looking at their website. I was disappointed.

I was in referral management today- and I did talk to a nurse that dose case management- The new hospital is not set up fully to have case management yet- but she said That she would like to review Isaac's case. I told her about his 10 vaccinations at once and she cringed. I told her that it happened over 3 years ago and that I needed someone for 3 years and haven't been able to find anyone willing to admit what happened to my son.

I feel like maybe I an headed in the right direction when it comes to finding answers, and helping the military solve this dilemma of having no safety net when it comes to vaccine injury detection and prevention.

Thins need to change.

Sometimes I just don't understand those that back vaccine makers. I just can't fathom why they wouldn't want to find out why our kids are reacting to these vaccines- and to make them safe. What are they so afraid of that they can't hear thousands of moms and dads saying : our kids have had reactions- do something about IT!"

I don't even waste my time anymore trying to talk to someone that is dead-set against the notion that Autism is caused by vaccines. They don't want to listen to the facts, and they don't understand what it is to have a child that has been vaccine injured.

I could go on and on all night, but I really must get things done around the house.
Tomorrow is a new day- and I expect many people to call me back. Isaac has his ABA clinic tomorrow at CARD and then we have an order of Farm food to pick up in the afternoon- and I can start making his goat yogurt Popsicles again. He has been without the yogurt Popsicles for about a week, and he really misses them. I want to try to swing by an organic market tomorrow as well.

I encourage everyone who has a child with  Autism, to go back in their medical record, find the vaccinations, find what was in them, find out if they were sick afterwards, if they have any allergies, and help their child to get better. Recovery is possible.

Isaac was on his first day back at chelation.
I am hoping that we can continue the DMSA- Tricare is paying for it- we just have to mention it to the new Dr to see if she will allow it.
He is in round 6- but is has only been about 3 full months- I thought it was for a lot longer- but we took a break in March and we took a break in June and July- no more breaks I think. We must complete this for at least 6 months- then I might switch to AC chelation.

Today Isaac purposefully used his voice to talk and make a funny noise- and he did it over and over to hear himself. I loved it- and yes he even laughed at himself. He is getting better, day =by day.

 I used to watch YouTube videos about kids with Autism and how they get better, so I assumed that my child would get better fast- but that is not the case. It is taking some time, but that's okay- he is getting better, Praise God he is getting better.

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