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Taking another's perspective

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:54pm
Here's our huge developmental leap last night. Are you ready? You better sit down . It's that amazing!

Leslie and Logan deciding to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Logan: " My favorite part of the movie is the chocolate making in the beginning. What's yours, Leslie?"

Leslie (picking up her chin off the floor): "My fav part is when they pass by the puppet hospital in the glass elevator and Willy Wonka says it just opened recently."

Logan: "Thomas (his friend from church) doesn't like this movie. I think it's because his mom always turns it on when the babies are fussing." (Thomas' little brother Caleb age 2 LOVES this movie)

Leslie (still recovering): "Oh, is that what Thomas told you?"

Logan : "No, he just said that he didn't like the movie. But I think it is because of the babies always watching it."

So, not only did he seek out Leslie's perspective (asking her for her favorite part) but he also was able to take Thomas' perspective to figure out why he wouldn't like the movie. WOW!!!!!!! That is a pretty complex step for him! God is good all the time!
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