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Take This Job and Accommodate It

Posted Nov 10 2008 5:54pm
Here's a question for autistic adults who are or have been employed, or who are seeking to join the workforce. If you were writing an article or manual with advice for employers about how to accommodate the needs of autistic workers, what recommendations would you make?

As we know, employers often have very little understanding of what helps and hinders their autistic workers. (For more commentary on employers' lack of comprehension of neurological differences, take a look at Bev's excellent post Employment: an interview.)

What kinds of accommodations have helped you to be more comfortable and productive in the workplace? Have you been in a situation where you could have benefited from a change in your work environment, but your employer wouldn't agree to it? If you are unemployed and looking for work, in what specific ways would more flexibility on the part of your potential employers improve your opportunities?

And a related issue: Autistics are a very diverse population and have widely varying needs. Therefore, if you were giving employers general advice on providing accommodations, you would want to take care to avoid stereotyping autistic workers. What concerns would you consider to be most important in that regard?
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