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Sweden to check birth blood samples of autistic Somalis

Posted Mar 28 2011 8:33pm

Swedish researchers explore Somali-autism link discusses a study to use blood samples from samples taken at birth:

The researchers at the Autism centre for small children in Stockholm want to see if the samples contained in the so-called PKU register, which is used on newborns to detect a slew of illnesses, can explain the differences in levels of autism between children of Somali and children of Swedish origin.

“We want to look at the vitamin D levels at a very early stage in children who are later diagnosed with autism,” Elisabeth Fernell at the Autism centre for small children told the Dagens Nyheter (DN) daily.

The story linked to above has some weaknesses, but it is interesting that the study is being undertaken. People are looking at the question. This group in Sweden. The CDC together with Autism Speaks in the US. The Minnesota Department of Public Health .

  1. Tsu Dho Nimh:
    Another thing to look into is folk remedies. Many of them contain heavy metals. Hmong, Mexican and Chinese communities have all had outbreaks of lead and arsenic poisoning traceable to these remedies.

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